Not so Super here

I woke up with the flu this morning. Soar throat, congestion, headache, the works. So no going to friends’ to watch the game tonight. Especially because they all have children and I don’t want them getting whatever it is that I have.

Although I have to say, being Venezuelan, I couldn’t care less about US football (illy named, if you ask me. Maybe hand-ball, or throw-ball, but FOOTball? Really? How many times does a foot actually touch that ball?). Anyhow, while in Rome… right? So I’ll be watching the game, and of course rooting for the Giants!

Have a fun Super Ball Sunday everyone, and I hope you don’t get my germs ; )


11 responses to “Not so Super here

  1. Might be kind of fun getting germs from you! Ha! Just kidding- hope you feel better soon…

  2. I got your germs… I have the flu too.And… GO PATS!!! 🙂

  3. buffalodickdy – It would be no fun at all, believe me. Thanks I hope I do soon. triple – Hope you feel better soon! May the best “foot” win! ; )

  4. Feel better Jen. No fun beng sick.

  5. mike – thanks, I’m working on it.

  6. Hope you feel better! =0)Tea and lime never fail! Of course, with a bit of honey!!Get well dear!!PS: I totally agree with you on the football matter!!!!

  7. ohhh, hope you feel better!! drink some tea with honey and ginger! wasn’t that a great game?

  8. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. nunu, pinknest and justrun – thank you for your well intended wishes to get better, but I think right now I’m in the “lets get worse before we get better” phase. It was indeed an awesome game, especially at the end, yay Giants!

  10. Espero que estes bien!Toma guarapitos de limon sopita de pollo.:\

  11. clau – bueno, la verdad es que solo hoy es cuando me vengo a sentir mejor, despues de los antibioticos. Porque estaba pero y peor.

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