My Post #300!

Wow I’ve shared a lot of my life and myself with you guys, 300 posts! That’s a lot right? And in the spirit of sharing, I will share 7 random things about me, which you might or may not know. You see, Beth from Boatshedchic tagged me a few days ago and I promised I would do this, and what better way to celebrate an anniversary (or is it a bloggerversary?) than with a meme?

1.- I am compulsively organized, I mean, we’re talking borderline OCD.

2.- The first time I ever lived alone (completely by myself) was when I was 32 years old, and I now wonder, how will I ever live with someone again?

3.- My favorite ice cream flavor since I was 4 has been Orange Sherbet from Baskin-Robbins. But for some reason it’s impossible to find. I now settle for Our Strawberry Blonde from Cold Stone.

4.- My favorite color has always been Blue, in all of its shades, but for some reason I now love Green (I mean seriously love, you should see my living room).

5.- I wash my hands more than a dozen times of day. I love the feel and smell of clean hands. Come to think about it, I love all good smells. That might explain my perfume collection and my obsession to wear them.

6.- I used to “talk” to my nephew way before he was even conceived. We have a strong and special bond. I love that kid.

7.- If I had loads of money I would spend it on art and jewelery. Both pleasures I allow myself only when I can over indulge.

Ok, so there you have it. Seven little things about me that you might have not known. Care to share yours?


12 responses to “My Post #300!

  1. Mmmmm… interesting. I´ll do it!

  2. Congrats and cool list.

  3. I like orange sherbet….

  4. I love cold stone!! And I think its so sweet that you “talked” to your nephew!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I knew you liked ice cream…

  6. im an obsessive-compulsive hand washer! especially since i work with kids….congrats on your 300 posts!

  7. fun! i’m compulsively organized as well. and i love orange sherbet! did you ever make that punch with it? with sprite or 7up or what not?

  8. I’m pretty sure that if you had loads of money, hiring someone to provide you with an endless supply of sweets would be high on the list as well.

  9. Whooo…hooo… Strawberry Blonde!! ;)”borderline” OCD?? please…girl…come talk to me when you’ve crossed the border..ha.ha.ha.. THEN we’ll have more in common. 🙂

  10. I could use a bit of your organizational skills. I can’t see my desk.

  11. nice to learn a little bit more about Jen. I’m gonna do it on my blog too!! Happy Sunday. x

  12. Very interesting!!!!

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