The bug left, now the fat!

I’m better. The bug (or was it the Chinese left-overs?) is out of my system and I’m up and eating again. Which is NOT a good thing. Have I mentioned I feel and look fat? Well I do. My pants are tight, my shirts are tight… a girl can’t live in only skirts and dresses you know, especially not in the middle of the freezing winter.

What am I to do? I started going to the gym again, but I know that alone won’t do it, especially when I only manage to go twice a week. But for the life of me, I can’t stop eating. And we all know what I like to eat: sweets!

How do you guys control your sweet-craving? How do you stop wanting to eat brownies, cookies, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, tarts, pies, candy, and the sort? How? I’ve tried, believe me I have, and I have succeeded for a limited period of time. This time around I am having no luck. My determination hasn’t really hit “right on” yet, and I haven’t made any declarations of war on food and decided to diet, but I think I’m getting there, slowly, surely and fatty!

I so DESPISE gaining weight! You hear that weight? I despise you. Go away! … Did it work? Lets check. No. Still here. Damn!


13 responses to “The bug left, now the fat!

  1. while i don’t think anyone is inviting fat into their lives, a little bit here and there isn’t too awful. but i get what you are saying- it is hard when we watch out bodies change and it sucks when our clothes aren’t fitting right. working out will help shift your mindset. it always does for me. hmmm, i should do it more often!glad you are feeling better. 🙂

  2. I have gained and lost alot of weight numerous times. I know how to lose weight- If it tastes good, spit it out!

  3. moderation and will power! the winter is tough. so many cravings, so many heavy foods…sweater dresses are great.

  4. I TOTALLY relate. I still have 5 extra pounds from the holidays (on top of 10 I meant to lose before that) so getting dressed every day is an act of frustration. Back to the gym…

  5. Hi Jen, I hope this doesn’t cause a relapse of your bug, but I’ve tagged you. See my post on my Extra-Special Birthday Present.

  6. I know it’s all about how we feel about ourselves, but you look great! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  7. Go travelling, I lost 4 pounds in Japan and I ate loads/ something to do with different food and walking around sightseeing.For me what works is not denying myself anything (then I crave it more!) just cutting down, and stepping up the exercise. I read somewhere that you burn twice as much after a good work than usual so maybe eat your sweet stuff then??And walk places. I walk aeound a lot in London. good luck, remember, it always feels worse to you. Other people often don’t notice…

  8. sizzle – it is hard and it sooo sucks, especially as we age and losing the weight gets harder and harder. But you’re right, I should exercise more, that does usually make me feel better.buffalodickdy – But I so despise spitting too. What’s a girl to do?pinknest – yep m&wp, that should be my motto!emily – frustrating it is! Gym, here we come!beth – I have been tagged! I will respond in my next post (or so) promise!ungraceful girl – thank you! But if people keep on telling me that, I’ll never lose the weight.the sarjent – I just came back from traveling and, I’m sorry to say, it didn’t do me any good in the weight department. In NYC I walk everywhere, with no car an all, that’s all I can do. But that doesn’t seem to do the trick either : (

  9. Es horribleeeeeee..pero si comes pan y chocolate, solo baja la cantidad, si te comes 3 comete 1 y así…la dieta es de muchos pantalones…es una lucha contigo…good luck Jen…

  10. honestly, if you quit eating sweet things for a while, your sugar tollerance will go waaaaay down and you won’t be /able/ to. i grew up without sugar though, so mine’s lower than normal anyway.

  11. pillo – definitivamente horrible! Pero si, tengo que bajar las cantidades y comer mas sano. Ya empece y he bajado 2.5 lbs… ahi voy.monkey – you grew up without sugar?! OMG! Thanks for stopping by : )

  12. I have found that when I feel “fatty” what I need to do is not think about it too much, walk a lot (or whatever workout works for you) and try to eat half of what I’ve been eating. Because otherwise, obsessing doesn’t help.One thing, though: from the pics you’ve posted it doesn’t look as if you’re gordita, so I wouldn’t worry.

  13. not so little woman – “try to eat half” that’s what I’m trying to do. I cut down on dinner these past days. It’s ok, I guess I just have to get use to going to bed hungry : ( I don’t look it, but I know I could be a little lighter.

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