I caught the bug

I think I have a bug, a stomach bug that is. I just had to call the school and cancel. I was to start today with the sixth graders jogging group and lead them into the art of the jog (yeah right, what were they thinking by asking ME to do this?! But I guess I was the only one available, and naive enough to say yes), and had to pass on it to sit in the bathroom a little longer.

At first I thought it was the Chinese food left overs I had for lunch, but once I called and talked to the principle he informed me that he apparently had this last week and then his son had it as well. It seems to be going around and it hit my place today. The up-side is that it seems to be a 24/48 hour thing. So I’m expected to be out of it for two days or so, and then bounce back like nothing happened. Wish me luck!


12 responses to “I caught the bug

  1. ugh- feel better soon!(love that natalie dee)

  2. oooo..stomach bugs…nasty, nasty! Nothing like having your ass on the toilet while your head hangs in the trash can to make a gal feel glamorous! Take care of yourself and get well.Remember.. Sprite is your friend. 🙂

  3. The bug is the worst, except if your pants feel a little looser when it’s all over, even if it’s only for a day. :). Get yourself some gingerale and crackers and a good book and make the most of it. feel better!

  4. Good luck in feeling better soon

  5. Rest and let Nature take its’ course…

  6. I’m sorry you’re sick! I’ve been sick for the past 2 days too. Must be something in the air.Feel better soon! And I love the little graphic. It’s cute.

  7. En navidad todos en DC nos enfermamos super mal y despues de 24 horas ya estabamos bien, mucha suerte y mejorate…

  8. yikes feel better soon! xPS Yes am working but it’s only for a month, after that we’ll see where else I end up!

  9. Es horrible!!!! En verdad lo es! Recuerda tomar mucha agua por aquello de la deshidratacion…Esperemos te sientas mejor pronto!!Un abrazo

  10. Thank you all for your get-well wishes. I’m fine now. I truly think it more the Chinese left over I had than a bug, because it didn’t quite last an entire day. Oh well, I’m thankful it’s over regardless of where it came from.

  11. yucky!!! it seems like you’ve kicked it , though!

  12. pinknest – yep, the bug has left the building!

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