Weird or is someone sending a message?

Tom – “Take this movie, I think you’ll like it”

The movie: “The Fountain”. The protagonist’s name: Tom. The theme: the search for the cure to death and eternal life, based on undying love. Our talk today on what we want: unconditional, bidirectional love.

Mom – walks in from the beach in the middle of the movie “oh, they were showing that movie at the club tonight too”.



Me – “Have you seen my earings? I took them off here and now I can’t find them.” Looking at her, she has the same earings (hers) on. “Why did you chose to where those earings? The same ones I just lost and can’t find?”

Mom – “Don’t know. And I hadn’t worn these in ages. How weird.”

Coincidences? Synchronizities!


11 responses to “Weird or is someone sending a message?

  1. I think their trying to gaslight you.

  2. Those things do happen, and make you wonder..

  3. That is so cool… gives me goosebumps when those things happen. They happen to me so very often though. It really amazes me. I wish I could figure out what it all means.

  4. So Tom is interested in your mother?!? ;-)I think things like that happen more often than we realize, but we’re not always attuned to them. Good job seeing the connections.

  5. Or… as I like to call them – “Co-inky-dinks” ha…ha…ha….!! 🙂

  6. for a sec i thought your mom took your earrings. 🙂 how was that movie?

  7. mike – : ) they just might be. buffalodickdy – they sure do.stephanie – I wish I could figure it out too!joe – : ))) Thank you, I usually notice them. pinkpiddypaws – I like it!pinknest – : ) that’s what i thought too! It’s very interesting, thought provoking, I liked it.

  8. I’ve meaning to ask about this Tom guy… Huh, huh?? Wink, wink

  9. not so little woman – : ) I know I have been spending a lot of time with Tom lately, but we’re just friends, really, strickly platonic.

  10. Pues como que ya tienes varias señales….

  11. pillo – sip, asi parece no?

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