What would the child you once were,
think of the adult you have become?
-Mike Mertes, submitted anonymously


8 responses to “Hmmm…?

  1. He’d be disapointed I’m not a pirate, cowboy, combat soldier, and married one of those a dum ol’ girls.. Life was simpler then..

  2. Very, very, disappointed and just wondered what happened.

  3. buffalodickdy – it sure was!ssc – oh come on, you have Joe, I think she would be proud!

  4. Hm. I think my childhood me would not have a lot to say. What I’d like to know is what my 21 year old me would say, 10 years later.Maybe I should blog about it…

  5. not so little woman – you definitely should!

  6. I think she´ll be pretty happy, no regrets, no mistakes, just getting better every day and learning a lot…

  7. pillo – that’s great!!!

  8. Hi. How did my words end up here?MetalMike

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