A Baby Day

Wednesday was college girl-friends day and it came packed with babies. I went over to Katy’s place to meet Alejandro Andrés who is 6 months and as beautiful as a baby can be. See?

A little something before taking off

Mmmm that was good!

Ok, I’m ready!

Katy and her boy

A little while later Mireya who is 7 months pregnant and very much showing, arrived. We were then off to Trina’s place, left the cars there and walked over to Pastisima for lunch. Trina has a little darling of her own, Thomas who is 4.5 months and the sweetest thing ever. Take a look.

Trina and her boy

Mmmm this is good stuff!

Mireya and Katy

Trina and Me

If after this I didn’t have my maternal isntinct boost to the max, I don’t know what it will take for it to kick in.

After lunch Mireya had to go off to teach a class and we stayed at Trina’s looking at her wedding pictures (I missed it, living in NYC and all, it’s hard to make it back home for weddings, snif!), the baby photos and just chit chatting about life, while we played with the boys. It was a GREAT time. But look at these faces once more. Aren’t you just dying for one of your own? I am!!!


10 responses to “A Baby Day

  1. totally adorable babies!but oddly enough, as much as love the munchkins, i don’t have that biological clock ticking thing. i’m almost 35…maybe it won’t happen for me. oh well! i’ll just be a super duper auntie. 🙂

  2. I’m getting to an age where little kids are kinda cute again!

  3. oh, what cuties. I know what you mean – I’m surrounded by kiddos when I see my friends from home. Guess I’m not grown-up enough yet?? 🙂

  4. ahhh chica q tierno, estan bellas las fotos!Mira pasa por mi Blog de terepondondin a participar en un juego dale!:D

  5. Con los dos que tengo estoy más que feliz!!!

  6. What a CUTE baby….I want one.

  7. What adorable little ones!! 🙂

  8. I go back and forth between “yay! I want babies” and “hell noooo”. I guess time will tell. But these sure were cute little ones!

  9. I think its great that you are living your life and traveling, go to school and doing what you want. Then have children, my mother was 40 when she had my baby brother. I wish I would have waited 10 years to have had my boys. I am so proud of you, and trust me the feeling goes away when you do night feedings or they are throwing themselves down for chocolate at 6:30am.

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