Ever been to a soap opera shoot?

I spent the day Tuesday at La Hacienda La Vega (1590), where my friend Vicente Albarracín was with his crew shooting scenes for a few chapters of the upcoming soap opera La Trepadora. This soap opera is based on a novel by an aclaimed Venezuelan writer Rómulo Gallegos, and will be airing soon on RCTV.


This is the first thing you see when going through the main gate

Then you see different entrances, some have old “trapiches”

I parked around here (pretty huh?) and went in to find Vicente

Vicente is a great director, and I (very fortunately) got the chance to see him in all his splendor. The “protas” as he calls the lead actors are Jean Paul Leroux and Norkys Batista. During this shoot Aroldo Betancourt and Erick Ronsó were also there for some of the scenes. Take a look.

Vicente directing

The “protas” getting ready


In the directing unit

The scene with the children

Which took a lot of directing and shooting

And finally happy after a good day of work

But please take a closer look at the location

No wonder they say location is everything!

I wanted to stay here to live!


10 responses to “Ever been to a soap opera shoot?

  1. Nice pics! Beautiful place, too!

  2. wow, very cool. that must’ve been so much fun. i’d want to stay there and live, too. it’s gorgeous! i’ll push the big wheel if i have to.

  3. Ese es uno de mis sueños, vivir en una hacienda… how dreamy!

  4. that’s awesome!!! Does anyone actually live there???

  5. buffalodickdy – truly beautiful!pinknest – it was a lot of fun. I even got to have lunch with the two guy actors (very handsome!). We could be roommates and move in, the place is so big we would barely see each other in passing ; )mond – increiblemente dreamy! te encantaria visitar este lugar, es bellisimo!pinkpiddypaws – nope, not any more. They rent it for parties and filming.

  6. Wait, which novel? Canaima? Doña Bárbara?

  7. not so little woman – La Trepadora. Have you read it?

  8. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!

  9. Que bonito lugar y Vicente está guapisimo (blushing)…

  10. mollyelizabeth – thanks, it’s a beautiful place.pillo – si vale la hacienda es espectacular y Vicente pues, si es una nota!

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