5 best of 2007

I had been very successful at dodging tags so far, until today, when I found out that Weekends Off had requested my 5 most significant memories of 2007. Now that I think about it, it’s a nice way to end a year, by remembering the good parts, so here goes:

1.- Getting and pursuing a new job offer, completely changing my outlook on my professional self, which had been on the rocks since moving back to NYC in Dec 04.

2.- Having the opportunity to meet and share with new people, both professionally (at TC, AERI and CCS) and personally (new real life friends and new blogger/facebook friends).

3.- Visiting friends (Kunkin and Kini, Cele, Tom) and family (my parents, Rafa), and having them visit me throughout the year.

4.- Gaining back perspective on my dating life and realizing that some times I just have to let go, let God and let happen.

5.- Finally balancing my life so that work (dissertation, research job, school job, classes), play (museums, theater, concerts, outtings, dining, parks) and exercising all happen and are enjoyed equally.

If any of you feel so inclined to do your 5 best list and share it, just let us know, ok.


7 responses to “5 best of 2007

  1. all five wonderful and enlightening things!

  2. 5 wonderful things to be proud of! All the best in 2008!

  3. I loved your post! Just made me remeber I have to make my own list!!!How is this 2008 going??? It’s been a while since I came back to blogs!!! But as always I find your post encouraging for myself…Thank’s!

  4. Good for you! Sometimes I think you think too much- much like myself! Some days we ride the bus, some days we drive it….

  5. pinknest – yay for 2007!kts – thanks!nunu – 2008 has been good so far. I hope you have a wonderful year too!buffalodickdy – as usual, you’re right. I do think too much, but what can we do? ; )mike – thanks!

  6. Hmmm, I like this one. I think:1. falling in love with an amazing man. Then falling out of love with him rather promptly (both were experiences of 2008, one good, one bad obviously!2. Deciding to pursue some dreams I’d had for a while.3. Quitting job and doing two of said dreams – going to Japan, and going freelance to have more time to myself instead of working all the hours god sends!4. Japan = quite simply amazing.5. A realisation that in life things happen for a reason. Letting go of some of the strings a bit and seeing what happens. Enjoying doing that.SJxx

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