I like the number 7. It’s a mystical number, which usually represents infinity in religious writings. There are many usages of the number 7. It some times represents perfection, eternity, mystery and even the sublime.

I have heard about the seven capital/cardinal sins many times: soberbia, avaricia, lujuria, ira, gula, envidia y pereza (pride, greed, lust, warth, gluttony, envy and sloth). But today I read about the seven cardinal virtues: fe, esperanza, caridad, sabiduría, justicia, fortaleza y templanza (faith, hope, charity, prudence/wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance).

I wonder why I had only heard of the bad and not the good until today, or at least not heard of them as a category to strive for. Hmmm…


8 responses to “Seven

  1. we always hear too much of the negative, don’t we?thanks for putting out some good.

  2. I was brought up in a religon that pretty much said “If it feels good, quit it! If you can’t quit it- feel guilty”… So many things are based in negatives- frankly it annoys me! Love, Forgiveness, Redemption, are all the things we need for the magic- Hope.

  3. Yo me aprendí las siete malas y las siete buenas en el colegio!!!

  4. That’s pretty interesting. I’d never heard of them either, but it makes sense that there would be balance.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, the “good 7” are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, so they are even better…I also like the number 7. It’s present in a lot of literature (check out the fairy tales…). We should talk numerology one day!

  6. sizzle – : ) you’re welcome!buffalodickdy – I think that’s why people drift away from religions, they seem to try to keep people good by making them feel guilty and afraid. Not much of a smart strategy if you ask me. triple – ah, pero chevere que habias escuchado de ellas!joe – it does doesn’t it?not so little woman – we definitely should!

  7. too cool! I had never heard of the good either. Ahhh..don’t you just love organized religion? 😉

  8. El 7 es un numero cabalistico y siempre lo he visto como un excelente numero de mucha luz..que bueno que ya le descubriste su lado bueno…

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