Puerto La Cruz

The 26th of December we headed to Puerto La Cruz and came back the 30th to spend New Years in Caracas. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm days, perfect calm sea and, unpopulated beaches. Perfect! We stayed at house 106 in Guaraguao.

The house came with pets, much to Nick’s and Sophie’s delight!

The three full days we were there we went out in my dad’s boat KonSentida, and the Caribbean Sea couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Sophie always wanted to drive “rápido, rápido!”

But the real captain was my dad

The first day we went to El Guaro, and practically had the beach to ourselves.

The second day we went to La Piscina, no real beach there, but crystal clear waters.

Are you wondering where we got ice cream in the middle of the sea?

Talk about a rough job!

The third day we went to Puinare, but I left my camera that day, so pictures will be uploaded when I get them from my dad.
Isn’t Venezuela Beautiful?

16 responses to “Puerto La Cruz

  1. Lo dije y lo repito: Tu familia se sabe divertir. La próxima Basil y yo nos colamos al paseo!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh I love it and now I am envious. Happy New Year Princess.

  3. Aaaahhhhh… Que divinoooo pasar sus navidades con el calorcito caribeño de las playitas mas ricas, me mueroo de nostalgia aquí viendo tus fotos, gracias por compartirlas, me sentí justo ahí por unos instantes… La Piscina siempre íbamos ahí cuando visitábamos Santa Fe… snif!… El año que viene me voy a pasar mis navidades para Vzla… : (Un abrazote y Feliz Año!Deber venir con esas pilas bien cargadas y con mucha energía positiva, llena de vida!:D

  4. Ah olvide mencionar, lo del heladero esta GENIAL…! Jejeje!!

  5. ohhh so gorgeous!! what a lovely way to spend the holidays. it’s about this time that i’m thinking of tropical vacations and crystal waters. aaaag. happy new year!!

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks fabulous! Happy New Year!

  7. Ok. Ice cream dude is awesome! Beautiful pictures…and you look hot! 🙂

  8. anarella – : )not so little woman – : ) venganse!misstressm – Happy New Year Doll!clau – Venezuela esta muy linda, ojala puedas venir el año que viene. Si, la verdad es que lo del heladero habia que fotografiarlo!pinknest – you should plan a visit to Venezuela, definitely worth it! Happy New Year!justrun – Happy New Year!!!me – isn’t he? Thanks! ; )

  9. That looks lovely, am craving the sunshine!!Yes it was amazing in Japan, I had a lovely and relaxing time and saw all the things I wanted to. Now it’s back to reality – the first day of job hunting today (before I really get desperate for money!!). I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.Happy New Year AllThe Sarjent!x

  10. La próxima vez que mi marido vaya a Venezuela le voy a decir que me lleve con él!!!!

  11. Wow! Soooo, sooo beautiful. I want to go there!Happy New Years, Jen.

  12. Sí, Venezuela es hermoso… ¿me invitas? ¿Cuándo vienes a México?

  13. It IS!And a Happy New Year to you!

  14. Que delicia de vacaciones y pensar que regresas al frio, que lindo es disfrutar la familia ¿no? Feliz Año jen, lo mejor para ti.

  15. sarjent – happy new year! and good luck on that job hunt!triple – tienes que venir!jarod – you have to come!mond – pero claro, estas invitada! En lo que tenga un chance voy seguro!dutchbitch – thanks! Happy New Years to you too doll!pillo – gracias! Si, la verdad no me da mucha nota regresarme al frio, pero bueno que se le hace? Feliz Año y todo lo mejor!

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