I’m Home!

I am finally home people, home and happy. But it took a lot of final touches and wrapping up to get here and I’m sure you’re dying to know about them (aha), so here goes.

Monday seemed to be the longest day ever, but I have to say it was very productive, I got mostly everything done and a little more. I woke up very early to do laundry. Everything was dirty and I just couldn’t pack that way. I had finished my paper and presentation the night before, but still had to make sure everything was up and running with my group. After laundry was done, I finished packing, which I had started Sunday night, made lunch, and headed to the bank to run some errands for my dad. I made it to TC on time for paper printing and meeting with my group for final touches. We had our presentation in our 3 to 5 class and it went quite well. All presentations were quite impressive actually, everyone did a ton of work and the quality was right up there as it should be in an ivy league school. Good job guys!

After this I had my 5 to 7 class, which is dissertation seminar. We had a proposal defense, which was very good, and then had time to share in small groups what our future plans and goals were. At the end the professor answered some final questions we had sent in via email, which ranged from registration questions to life long decision making inquiries. She answered all questions thouroughly and honestly, and at the end shared with us her process and the profesional and personal decisions she had made in her academic carrear, it was very insightful. I truly enjoyed this class and the experience of having her as a professor. At the end I just had to go up to her and tell her that in all the years I have been at TC (6 overall) she has been the best professor I have ever had, the most reliable, caring, concerned for her students and totally on top of everything. She truly rocks! I gave her a hug.

With this my semester was over and I headed home after stopping by the library to send some last follow up, wrap up, and good-bye emails. I went home took care of a few little on-line things and ordered sushi. My friend RR came over and we talked for a while. It was very relaxing actually, since everything was done, and I just had to wait to be picked up at 2:00 am to head over to JFK.

I haven’t written about my friend RR and I think I just might have to dedicate a post exclusively to him and how we met, but for now I just want to share that we had a meditation/relaxation session that night that left me centered and ready to start my vacation, it was truly awesome. Thanks RR! : )

I was picked up and off to the airport. I got there early enough. The check-in was very speedy since I, unknowingly, went through the DIY line, and was done in less than 5 minutes. Then I realized I was flying first class (gotta love my dad!) and from there on it was red carpets and first-on all the way. I was flying through San Juan de Puerto Rico, but the layover was less than an hour, so it wasn’t bad at all. I got home in time, no delays, incredible for this time of year, and there at the airport were waiting for me my dad and Nick (my nephew, who had flown to Caracas on Sunday). On our way up to the city they caught me up on all that has been happening, family, socially and politically wise in the country. It was a fun ride home.

As usual Caracas mesmerizes me when I first catch eye of it. This city is so beautiful. Yes, it’s the capital of a third world country, or as it is now used, a developing country, and yes there is poverty to be seen everywhere, but there’s also gradiousness both in arqitecture and nature. Caracas is a very green city, parks, trees, and plazas everywhere. The river El Guaire crosses the city east to west and even though it’s not the cleanest or best kept river, it gives the city a touch of nature among all the highways and highrises. But what really is breathtaking and majestic in Caracas is El Avila. A huge mountain that borders the valley which is Caracas and seperates it from the Caribbean Sea. It’s truly a beautiful mountain, and the view of it from my parents’ house is worth seeing. Pictures are to come, promise.


9 responses to “I’m Home!

  1. ¡Pásala chévere Jen! Disfruta tu país, tu gente, tu cultura, sus colores… Desconéctate de tu mundo laboral y estudiantil, respira el aire que te toca, renueva energía y “let go and let God!”

  2. Sounds like you had fun- pictures to follow?

  3. have a great time, jen! sounds beautiful. and merry christmas!

  4. You are back to your perky self. I love it!Happy Holidays Princess!!!

  5. mond – Gracias Ing, en eso estoy!buffalodickdy – they are to come, I promise.pinknest – that’s my plan ; ) Thanks, I hope you have a great time too.misstressm – : ) I guess I am. Happy Holidays to you as well!!!

  6. I know what you mean, when you say it’s always mesmerizing to see the home city again. That always happens to me when I go back to Home Country A. It’s so stunning!!I hope you have a great holiday and lots of relaxing time with your family. I’m so happy for you!! You are home!! 🙂

  7. enjoy being home with your family and loved ones. how great to fly first class and to be centered and ready for vacation!happy holidays to you.xo sizz

  8. Mi esposo estuvo en Caracas en julio, algún día yo iré. Mientras tanto disfruta tu país y sobretodo a tu familia.¡Feliz Navidad!

  9. not so little woman – thanks you! I hope you have wonderful holidays as well!!!sizzle – thank you Sizz!! Happy Holidays to you too!!!triple – si, tienes que venir, es una ciudad muy linda. Feliz Navidad para ti y los tuyos tambien! : )

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