Now they just want to confuse me!

When I say NO to someone else I say “yes” to myself.
-source unknown, submitted by Dottie J., Cincinnati OH

You have to decide
what your highest priorities are
and have the courage-
-pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically- -to say NO to other things.
And the way you do that
is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside.
-Stephen R. Covey, submitted by Yani D., Salem OR


13 responses to “Now they just want to confuse me!

  1. I can see how it’s confusing. But I like the first one better.

  2. That’s hilarious! Do they do that on purpose?

  3. not so little woman – yeah, I think I do to.passionista – I don’t know, but they could make up their minds before sending these, right? ; )

  4. darn… that’s where I keep going wrong.. when I say “no” to someone.. I have a big fat “no” inside me… that happens to fly out of my mouth… ha..haha….

  5. That is so right on! Basically by having the courage to say no to others, instead of trying to please everyone, you take care of yourself. Say “yes” to yourself. I struggle with this, looking out for myself, not in a selfish kind of way but in an “I exist too” kind of way.Great quote.

  6. I had to learn to say “No”. The danger is, the more you say no- the easier it gets…

  7. No entendí..¿mande?

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  9. Saying NO in favor of myself and my wants and needs was always something I struggled with. It was only when I found the strength to say no that I began to feel respected and equal and appreciated. Weird huh? I still have trouble saying NO sometimes, but it doesn’t happen often and usually involves something regarding my kids.

  10. Bueh… Jen, lo que te puedo decir es que a veces uno tiene que agachar un poquitin y mirar pa’ los lados, observar bien antes de ser muy rotundo…Ojo ahi.. jejeje!Un abrazo:)

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