Doing NYC Cont.

On Thursday morning I had to work at CSS and then had meetings at my job at AERI, TC. We were preparing for a presentation we had with the board of trustees on Friday and of course my boss was behind schedule and had left everything for the last minute, so we had to run. Anyhow, the meeting on Friday went well, although it was my second night in a row of having slept only 5 hours, and God knows I need my 8 hours of sleep!

At night we met with Tom’s friend Yrmis at Carnegie Hall and saw Verdi’s “I Due Foscari”. The tenor playing the role of Jacopo was Aquiles Machado a very talented Venezuelan opera singer. It was excellent!

After that we ended up at The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien and each had a cheese burger with french fries and a drink. I couldn’t but think of Pinknest because these fries were the crispiest I have tried in a while, and for the price it was an awesome meal.

Friday night, after all my prep and meetings, we went to a Holiday celebration at some friends of mine. It was a good party, good food, good drinks, and very nice people. See some of my friends’ decorations, cool huh?

After that Tom had to go back to Brother Jimmy’s for a little more drinking.

Which I ended up regretting very VERY much today, when I woke up sick from the worst hangover ever. See? Tom had to make me soup, but I couldn’t even have that.


16 responses to “Doing NYC Cont.

  1. oh no! hope you’re better.

  2. JIJIJIIJIJIsarna con gusto no pica!!!JIJIJIJIJIJ

  3. Well, it looks like you’re having fun, and you did look a snick hung-over! It passes….

  4. how cute are you guys!? looks like a fun time 🙂

  5. emily – I feel like new today, but yesterday was BAD.anarella – : ) si, ni modo!buffalodickdy – it was TERRIBLE, but it is gone now, thank God!bex – : ) we had a blast.

  6. Ehhhmmmmm….Jen, that boy. He is cute.

  7. yay, burger joint! fries in a bag….mmmm. hope you have recovered and can now eat soup. hahaha.

  8. misstressm – he is cute, isn’t he? Should I send him your way? ; )pinknest – : ) I really likes burger joint, the fries were really nice crispy. I’m all better now, thanks!

  9. Ohhh this looks like fun. We definitely have to start hanging out!

  10. Very sweet of him to make you soup! Hangovers stink but I’m sure you had a great time 🙂

  11. not so little woman – It was a lot of fun, we definitely should!passionista – he’s a sweet gut, and yes, I guess you could say it was worth it.

  12. OMG! Ahora sí me dejaste con la boca abierta… jajaja… hasta cruda te ves bien Jen.

  13. Comer a esas horas y con esa cruda..No que valiente..jajaja q buena fiesta…

  14. Epaaa.. que buenas fotos, la del concierto esta genial!Oye pobre de ti… espero que estes bien, lo importante es que tienes cara de Feliz!:D

  15. Looks like you need vitmin G….GREASE ;)Poor you! He’s adorable by the way….I am crushing! He’s probably gay too, I tend to crush on gay men. 😉

  16. mond – bueno gracias por lo que me toca, pero la verdad me sentia de la patada!pillo – la verdad es que la pasamos buenisimo!clau – bueno, como dicen por ahi sarna con gusto no pica, no? ; )me – : ) I definitely needed a pick-me-upper! He is adorable, and he´s also not gay and available!

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