Doing NYC

My friend Tom flew in from Caracas on Wednesday afternoon, and will be staying with me until Sunday! : ) We have been busy, busy. Wednesday night we went to see The Lion King, very, very good. If you have kids you should definitely take them to see this show, it’s worth it.

And then we went to… yes, again, by popular demand, Brother Jimmy’s! Tom wanted something American and Brother Jimmy’s is an American as it gets, at least for me.

We are having fun as you can see.

10 responses to “Doing NYC

  1. yay for having fun!

  2. El que va a NY y no ve el Rey León, es como si no hubiera ido a NY!!! ¿Sabes que va a estar en México? ¡¡Voy a ir a verlo otra vez!!!

  3. And if you don’t have kids you should also go to see it! Come on! It’s not only for kids! You had a blast, didn’t you?

  4. sizzle – yay! : )triple – en serio? que nota!!!mond – We did have an awesome time.

  5. haha looks like that friend of yours is a blast. Glad to see the holiday season is in full swing for you!!xx

  6. the sarjent – he is a cool cat! Thanks! I hope you’re enjoying them as well.

  7. what is that massive concoction you are drinking with a gadzillion straws?

  8. pinknest – it’s called swamp water. They actually dip an open mouth crocodile with grenadine in it. How’s that for crazy?

  9. You two look cute! Is Tom a friend or more than friends? 🙂

  10. passionista – : ) thank you! Tom is one my dearest guy friends, nothing more. Remember this post?

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