It’s interesting to have received both of these on the same day.

Ripples weekly email:

To say YES you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows..
-Jean Anouilh, submitted by Linn W., Milwaukee WI

Making YES your inner mantra allows you to extend YES outside of yourself and attract more of YES into your own personal intending.
YES is the breath of creation. . . .
As you merge with the
universal force of Creation
extending YES wherever feasible,
you become that force of Creation itself.
-Dr. Wayne Dyer, submitted by Catharine S., Greensboro NC

You may have noticed recently there is a possibility that is quietly whispering to you….
Perhaps you met a new person and wondered what potential might exist if you developed a connection; or maybe a book or class or idea mentioned recently by a co-worker, classmate, or friend is creating a sense of curiosity. It could even be an unfinished project or a forgotten goal you set for yourself a long time ago that recently began gently teasing you about the transformation that could be unleashed with some renewed attention.
Whatever, or whomever, it is, I hope you will listen very carefully to the possibility and see if somewhere in your soul or your heart or your mind there lies a YES waiting to spring to life!

And horoscope:

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Practical concerns can create additional stress now as you become excited about a radical approach to an ongoing problem. There are many things you want to do, but you may have reservations about partaking in the fun. Decide how much control you are willing to relinquish before saying “yes” and joining in the party.


8 responses to “Hmmm

  1. at the church i sometimes attend they have this song that goes, “i say yes lord yes!” and it is really cheery and makes me feel hopeful. 🙂

  2. That is positive. And the person who sent the second one is from Greensboro, where I used to live. Just out of curiosity, do you believe in the horoscope or do you follow them for fun?

  3. Isn’t it weird how signs can come along and teach you something? Wonder what you need to say “yes” to?

  4. lol! hmmm, what to do, what to do….

  5. I wasn’t going to comment, but then for some reason I decided to say YES.Just be careful about how much you say it. There’s a hilarious book called “Yes Man” in which the author spends a year saying “Yes” to whatever he’s asked.

  6. interesting coincidences!!!

  7. “Yes” is usually thought of as positive, with “No” a negative. Depending on the question- either can become the right answer….

  8. sizzle – it does very cheery!jarod – I don’t believe in them in the sense that I know the day never ends up being how they forecast it, but I still get it everyday and read it. passionista – I’m wondering the exact same thing.pinknest – no idea!joe – you thinks that’s the message? I need to say yes to everything? Hmmmm. weekends off – interesting indeed, especially for someone like me that doesn’t believe in coincidences and believes that everything happens for a reason.buffalodickdy – yep, and I’m wondering what the question is…

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