Patience, do you have it?

Faith is belief in the absence of proof.

I have always believed that there is someone out there for everyone, and it’s a matter of time and timing, for people to find each other. I have been in many different types of relationships, some long, some short, some without consequence, and some intensely profound. A few of them have been long distance, and even though they were not by choice, I think I have gained some knowledge out of them. Yes, the relationships have ended, but I seem to be a fuller person because of them.

Long distance relationships are hard for many reasons, but without patience they are not only unbearable, but impossible to sustain. I heard this recently, and thought I would share with those of you brave enough to give love, no matter how far, a shot.

“They say patience is a virtue, and like most virtues we never know if we poses it until its been tested. If we’re lucky we have someone to take that test with us, and if we can pass that test, if we can wait long enough, we just might find the reward greater than we ever expected. The funny thing about waiting is that it always seems the more we want something, the longer we have to wait for it. Deciding to wait out the long haul shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it’s a decision easier to live with than others.” Marin, Men in Trees.


6 responses to “Patience, do you have it?

  1. Totalmente de acuerdo..a esperar, a mi me da menos hueva esperar que buscar….

  2. I agree, it’s tough to have patience for the things you feel you need so much.I prefer to quote Tom Petty, though: Waiting is the hardest part.:)

  3. i struggle with this. oh how i struggle!

  4. Who knew that Men in Trees was so profound?I’m finding that as I (rapidly) age, patience is easier to come by. I suppose it’s a measure of experience, but I also believe that I’ve learned that things tend to work out for the best in the end, and that sometimes the things I thought I wanted turned out to be nothing like what I expected.

  5. I had one long distance relationship. And for reasons besides and including the distance, it didn’t work out. Can’t say that I would do it again, guess I’m not that patient 😦

  6. pillo – ta bueno eso! No me habia puesto a comparar esperar con buscar… interesante!justrun – waiting does seem to be hard, but it can be fun too!sizzle – you and me both!joe – who knew right? True Joe, oh so true. have you heard that country song by Garth Brooks called Unanswered Prayers?passionista – I agree, LDR suck and would not want to have that experience again.

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