This needs to stop!

For those of you who asked in which previous electoral/voting process I thought we had been cheated of our results, I give you two very specific cases:

Aug 15th 2004 Recall Referendum – As Chávez reached his half-term during his first presidential period, the Venezuelan people voted to recall him from office. The recall referendum was announced on 8 June 2004 by the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral: National Electoral Council) after Venezuelan opposition succeeded in collecting the number of signatures required by the 1999 Constitution to effect a recall. The CNE was completely (and has been since then) composed of Chavistas. Opposition members were fired and new ones appointed directly by the president, on the only merit that they were aligned with his revolution’s ideology. The result of the referendum was to not recall Chávez. The CNE claimed we lost 63 to 37 percent, when actually we had won 59 to 41 percent.

Dec 3rd 2006 Presidential Election – Chávez was running for reelection and the strongest opposition candidate was Rosales. In the results the CNE (still comoposed by only Chavistas) claimed that Chávez was re-elected with 62.87% of the votes. Rosales calmed the opposition by accepting his defeat, but days and weeks after the fact it was discovered that not all the 98.29% of the polling stations were counted as claimed, that the voting machines had been tampered with, and the paper ballots disposed off, finding remains of them thrown on the sides of the road. Now you tell me if this sounds as a clean voting process?

Dec 2nd 2007 Constitutional Change Referendum – We were not cheated, and for the first time he finally admitted his defeat after hours of negotiating. Bernal, a retired general, who called masses to vote against Chávez’s insane proposition to change the constitution so that he could be indefinitely elected and control all powers, stepped in, and threated that if the results were not released to the country as they were (favorable to the opposition) there would be a military upheaval. Chávez decided at the end, after what I only imagine were hours of debate and intense negotiation (while we all desperately waited for the results), to admit to his loss, but with the condition that the percentages were altered so that the difference was to be minimal. The CNE official results were the opposition winning 50.70% to 49.23% and 51.05% to 48.94% When the actual winning were closer to 59.1%.

But in any case, I want to share this video with you. What is happening in Venezuela is not only undemocratic, but inhumanitarian. This needs to stop now!


4 responses to “This needs to stop!

  1. Hola,Primero debo aclarar que mi conocimiento de la situación en Venezuela es muy limitado. Sin embargo, me es claro que políticamente los venezolanos estan divididos casi por la mitad. Muy difícil decir quien es mayoría, y seria interesante saber de donde sacas tus datos que dicen que este ultimo referéndum se ganó por 59% (también soy muy escéptico, sobre los que dicen que ellos si tienen los datos correctos 🙂 ).Pero bueno, también pienso que Chavez debe irse para dar oportunidad a tener una Venezuela más unida.Apoyo al EZLN (Zapatistas en Chiapas, México), y NO creo en 99.99% de los políticos, y creo que no puede haber una democracia hasta que los que mandan, MANDEN OBEDECIENDO.SaludosP.D. Lo de la referencia de los datos la pregunto porque en México la pasada elección fue fraudulenta y lo mejor es que se puede comprobar por los datos dados por e mismísimo Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE).

  2. Yo tampoco creo mucho en las cifras que se dan a conocer por los gobiernos, después del 06 de Julio en Mexico y con tantas irregularidades en el proceso electoral y con un país polarizado es dificl saber que pasó realmente, yo siento que ningun periodo presidencial se debe alargar más de 6 años, se vicia, se da pie a abusos de poder, en fin, ya tendrán nuevas elecciones pronto..te dejo un abrazo…

  3. Perdón tuve un lapsus brutus fue el 02 de Julio, ni como olvidarlo…

  4. Only my opinion, but the USA will probably not be more active there as long as he controls the oil.

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