I give you: Baraka (1992)

Too beautiful for words and a must see film.


11 responses to “I give you: Baraka (1992)

  1. Wow… Extraordinario!

  2. If you scroll down really, really fast, you get to see the movie! Looks pretty awesome!

  3. how on earth did you get all those pictures posted? you are one patient girl!

  4. clau – es buenisima la pelicula.dutchbitch – it is!buffalodickdy – : ) Now you don’t have to rent it.not so little woman – It was actually very easy. I selected them all copied, pasted, and voila!

  5. Es uno de mis documentales favoritos, amo la musica y el contraste con las imagenes, si te gustan esos documentales te recomiendo tambien One Giant Leap, te va encantar, querrás correr por el soundtrack..es fenomenal..

  6. Looks amazing! Will definitely check it out.

  7. pillo – no habia escuchado de One Giant Leap, lo voy a buscar, gracias por el dato!!!passionista – it’s worth it for sure!

  8. i wanted that movie to be more than it was and i fell asleep. you did it more justice with snapshots. kudos.

  9. man… there for a bit I thought these were pics YOU had taken on a trip YOU were on and I was sooooo jealous. Now… I see it’s a movie and I too, can enjoy the beauty.hee..hee..hee….

  10. wow!! Amazing pictures–I’ll have to check it out.

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