Amor en los tiempos del Colera

Based on a novel by

Gabriel García Márquez

(my favorite author)

I’m dying to see it!


11 responses to “Amor en los tiempos del Colera

  1. This is one of my favorite books…. It was just amazing. I read the movie was not that good. I really hope they’re wrong but I worry the book is just too magnificent and grandious to be faithfully transformed into a movie. Who knows… we’ll see.

  2. he is one of my favorite writers, too!

  3. I think I suggested this for the book club, but thought nobody would want to wait to finish the book to see the movie. Let me know if you want company to see it. I love, love, love it. Although I’ve heard it sucks… Compared to the book. Still, let me know.

  4. it’s going to be weird to see javier bardem in that role after seeing “no country for old men”

  5. All I saw was a blank area on your post….

  6. alejandra – we will see indeed! I actually haven’t read the book. I might just do that first.pinknest – we are best author twins! ; )not so little woman – movies never seem to do books justice, nevertheless I will let you know because I definitely want to see it!bex – I recently saw clips of “no country for old men” and there is no way in the world I’ll be going to see that one!buffalodickdy – Sorry about that. You can see the video here:

  7. AAaaaahhh… Estoy loca de verla desde antes que saliera y no he podido, y no me vas a creer tengo los cines a 4 cuadras de mi casa… :(Mañana asi sea en la ultima funcion me metere al cine… y vuelvo para contarte que me parecio..Javier Bardem es mi actor favorito!:)

  8. clau – yo aun no la he visto tampoco… pero pronto!

  9. Really?????? I did’t know it. But I want to see it too, because it is one of my favorite books too!!!I dont’ like egg plants, like Fermina Daza… 🙂

  10. Did you go yet? I hear the movie is terrible. My mom loves the book so much and said she almost cried at how bad the movie was. She said it totally deviates from the story.

  11. triple – en lo que la veas (y yo me orginece lo suficiente como para ir al cine) la discutimos, ok?catherinette singleton – I’ve heard it has bad reviews, but I’m going to see it anyway.

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