Passionate Job?

As I said before, last week I spent a couple days at the AME (Association of Moral Education) 33rd Annual Conference down at NYU. The view was wonderful from the building we were at; just for that it was worth it.

You could see Washington Square Park, all up through 5th Avenue, the Empire State Building, and the Chrysler Building back there to the side. Breathtaking really.

The conference itself was very insightful. I use to teach moral development back when I worked at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, and it was great to update myself with current research and findings in the field. It got me thinking though. Do I still miss what I use to do/teach? Would I like to go back into this field now as researcher? Would I like to go back to teaching at all? If I did only research, would I like to concentrate in this field?

So many questions, so few certainties… things will sort out themselves, I’m sure, they always do. For now I’m concentrating in finishing my dissertation and getting my doctorate degree. The right job will come along, and synchronistically, as all my jobs seem to be, I’ll get to where I need to be.

How have you guys found your calling/passion in your professional lives? Are you doing what you think you were born to do? Are you exploiting your talents? I heard the other that when one has a God given talent, it is one’s duty to use it. What if you don’t like to do whatever it is you’re good at? Is it still your duty? Or what if your talent is just not profitable enough to provide for the life you want? Do you still pursue a bad paying dream? Hmmm, ponder, ponder, ponder.


5 responses to “Passionate Job?

  1. Great questions! I am not where I want to be professionally…yet. I do think that the job I do now is giving me the interpersonal skills experience that I will need in my dream job- owner of my own publishing company. But I have many other aspirations like getting my masters degree in Marriage and Family counseling. I hope to turn that into a career as I have a passion for analyzing relationships and giving advice! I don’t plan on limiting myself, as you can see, but I do think that everything happens for a reason and should my path take me to a different career I only hope it will be a fulfilling one. Good luck with your own career journey!

  2. i think i am closer to my passion but i don’t think i’m there yet…and i am certainly NOT getting paid for it. haha.

  3. I did my level best to run from my destiny. I went to college for mechanical engineering, first job was in a product design group, then drafting for a steel company. I did not want to be in sales like my father was! My personality sent me straight into outside sales within 2 yrs., and have made a good living doing what I do best-communicating with people!

  4. Thanks…You just made me remeber what I want to do all my life…teach!Good luck on your Doctor achievement!!

  5. Muy interesante!! Creo que uno debe hacer lo que le gusta, aunque no sea en el área laboral… quizá uno tenga que trabajar en otra cosa, pero siempre buscar un tiempo para hacer lo que te apasiona… Creo que hay pocos privilegiados que trabajan en lo que les encanta.En fin, yo hago lo que me gusta y me apasiona!!!

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