Eat? Who said eat?

This week has been packed! On top of classes, work, dissertation, and the school, I attended a conference 2 days this week and tried to spend as much time with my friend CS who was in town for a workshop.

So far all we had done was EAT! Monday night we went to Ollie’s and had (this was a first for me) some really good scallion pancakes. Tuesday night we went to Gauchas and had excellent meat (very highly recommended Argentinian restaurant, this was my second time there, and still very good).

On Friday we went to see Celia, the musical. It was awesome!!!!! We saw the Spanish version, but they do present it in English as well, if anyone is interested. The music was excellent, the woman who played Celia (Anissa Gathers) was superb, and the story was very compelling. While we waited for the show to start we bumped into a Cold Stone! Did you guys know there is one on 9th Ave between 50th and 51st streets? Well now you do! And after the show we went for dinner and drinks to French Roast. I had escargots which I hadn’t had in a while, and love; they were very good.

Saturday we had planned to go to Peter Luger Steakhouse for dinner. But of course the place was packed, no way to find a reservation for that night. So in our search for meat, we headed to Churrascaria Riodizio Tribeca and OMG you should had seen that meat! We had pork, lamb, different cuts of meat, chicken, and sausages. Also they have a salad bar, and the octopus and variety of shrimp and sea food, was excellent, as well as the heart of palms, yum! By the time we got to dessert I was too full to order one for myself, but that didn’t stop my sis, b.i.l., and CS. They had chocolate mousse, passion fruit mousse, and a coconut flan. All delicious (of course I tried them, remember the sweet tooth?).

My friend RR showed up for drinks and conversation afterwards, a little too late for the feast.
All in all, a very satisfying week!

13 responses to “Eat? Who said eat?

  1. Jen- It sounded like you were posessed by the hungry spirit of Pinknest! If you went to that many places, you probably ran into her!

  2. People say that the Latin American sport is soccer. I say before that, it’s eating!! (And as Mafalda would say, another favorite sport is complaining…., but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  3. I love the Brazilian meat places with all the little “gauchos” running around with their skewers of meat! We have a great one in Atlanta, Fogo de Chau’s. The only problem is…I’m not that much of a carnivore. So for $55.00 per plate,I just don’t feel like I get my money’s worth, ya know? But, if I get only the salad bar (only $25.) none of my friends will let me sneak a few slices of tasty charred flesh from their plates because they say “that’s not right”. sigh…..Good lord girlie… how have you not exploded from all that food??? But it sounds like you’ve had lots of fun!

  4. ¡Me dio hambre! Ayer precisamente fui a un restaurante argentino. Comí mi ensalada preferida de jitomate, aguacate y queso de cabra, carne y de postre un delicioso mousse de chocolate…mmmm… ¿cuándo comemos juntas?

  5. The food sounds amazing! We have a place like that in Philly called fogo de Chao. It’s Brazilian and is served in the same rotisserie style. It looks like they serve you the same way, bringing all the meat up to your table until you tell them to stop. Gotta check out some of these places, thanks for sharing!

  6. You’ve been having so much fun! (I’m not going to say way too much because, yeah, not possible.)

  7. Yumiiii you made me hungry!! I think all revolves around food (honestly)Cheers!

  8. buffalodickdy – I think I was! :)not so little woman – soccer? really? I LOVE soccer, but I would say Latin American sport is baseball for sure! Eating has to have a very close second place though, right up there with drinking ;)pinkpiddypaws – Fogo de Chau’s sounds just like Churrascaria. It is also a Brazilian place. Yeah, I know, I haven’t exploded, but I am about 3 pounds heavier for sure!triple – a mi tambien me dio! Cuando quieras comemos, aqui o alla? :)passionista – yep, that’s exactly the way this place works, it’s the same concept. You have to go check it out, the meat is delicious!justrun – ;)nunu- I think it absolutely does!

  9. Como puedes estar delgada y comer tantooooooo…que envidiaaaaaaaa…tienes una pata hueca verdad?? confiesaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  10. The holidays always make me hungry. starving hungry, even if i ate only 5 minutes ago. How are you doing sunshine? I miss you!

  11. that sounds lovely, especially since all i do is eat! gotta try that brazillian spot. i went to one once in florida – delicioso!

  12. wow, looks like a spectacular, meaty time! i love the grins on everyone’s faces at the restaurant. you got your ice cream too!

  13. pillo – : ) Nada de pata hueca! Yo no como asi todos los dias, si lo hiciera estaria como un blimp!misstressm – I’m weel, very busy, but everything is ok. I’ll post more soon, promise. bex – it is worth it bex, you should totally check it out!pinknest – I’m hooked on that ice cream! And yes, good food always brings a smile to my face : )

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