We went to see Celia, the musical, Friday night. It was awesome! The music was spectacular, it just made you want to jump out of your seat and start dancing! Celia Cruz‘s life was a true portrayal of love for music, and devotion to making people feel happy and joyful. She was truly the Queen of Salsa.

She had to leave her beloved Cuba at the beginning of her career, and lived in exile for the rest of life. In the show they depicted her angst, her love for her country, and how much she suffered for not being able to go back to her home land, not even to bury her mother (Fidel wouldn’t let her in).

In light of everything that has been going on in Venezuela and Chavez’s great admiration and friendship with Fidel Castro, as well as his wanting to turn Venezuela into another Cuba, you can only imagine how much this portrayal of suffering for one’s country got to us. It was a heart felt event, but as usual for us Latin Americans, music, laughter, and love for our roots, makes us hang on to hope and have faith that things will turn out for the best, after all, as Celia says La Vida es un Carnaval, azúcar!


6 responses to “Azúcar!

  1. That looks fantastic, and sounds like she had an amazing life!Do you Salsa?

  2. Wow, tienes razon en todo lo que dices…Pero con respecto al musical, que tal? los actores eran todos americanos?, por aqui lo vamos a esperar.. yupiii!:)

  3. Never heard of it, but I do love her music.

  4. jarod – it is a great show indeed. Do I dance salsa? Of course! Could I call myself Latin if I didn’t? ; )clau – el musical buenisimo! Los actores eran cubanos, puerto rique#os, latinos pues. Con una voces increibles, y como bailaban!mike – her music is the best! It’s like something is trigger from the inside and you just have to get up and dance.

  5. vida es un Carnaval… un abrazo..vas a ver como Venezuela se levantará…

  6. pillo – Dios te oiga!

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