A very good weekend

After having spent Friday and Saturday working on my proposal revisions, and finally fitting in laundry in between (those of you who live or have lived in NYC know how much of an adventure doing laundry can be in this place, reason why I postpone it as much as I possibly can), I finally gave myself some time off and went over to my sister’s for dinner Saturday night. She was having some friends over for Fondue and invited me. I invited my friend CS who is in town. We gathered for food, drinks, and a lot of fun driven conversation (a LOT of laughs I tell you).

Mi friend CS is in NYC for a week. She is thrilled and so am I! : ) She use to live here, when I lived here the first time around, that’s when we met, and we have been good friends ever since. She now lives in Canada and is here for work. So it was great timing for my sister to have this get-together, so that we could all gather and catch up. The fondue was great, both the cheese and chocolate one, yum! And then Leo, one of the guests, took out his little silver brief case of magic. We ended playing poker!!! I’m not much of a card player, and betting isn’t my thing, so needless to stay I didn’t do well. But it was FUN, especially since CS took it upon herself to prove that poker can be like life and “Never Fold” and “Folding is for losers” became the new rules which to live by. Apparently, even when you have lost everything including your socks, you can still hold on to your integrity by never folding. Who knew?

Sunday was also a very special day. My sister and hubby invited me to see the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela at Carnegie Hall and it was incredible. When I lived in Caracas I went to concerts all the time, and when I lived here before I lived very close to Manhattan School of Music and had a ton of musician friends, so concerts and recitals where a weekly thing. This time around classical music just hasn’t happened that often. Today was magical.

The program included:

BERLIOZ Le carnaval romain Overture (this was my favorite piece)
CHOPIN Piano Concerto No. 2
BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 5 (incredible!)
Latin American compositions and other works (at this point they put on jackets with the Venezuelan flag and gave it their all, sassing it up the Venezuelan way. Awesome!)

One of the main attractions of this performance was Gustavo Dudamel, the conductor. A 26 year old Venezuelan prodigy, who started conducting this orchestra at age 18. The guy is a genius and very much worth seeing.

The afternoon ended with a visit to Bouchon Bakery for some incredibly good macaroons, as per Pinknest’s recommendation (they have seasonal ones Pinky, you need to go check them out!). A very good weekend, very good indeed!


9 responses to “A very good weekend

  1. Wow! And I thought I had had a productive weekend. But I think you got me beat!

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend!

  3. You lost everything including your socks? That’s some poker game you were playing.

  4. oooh, your weekend sounds lovely. fondue AND strip poker? wow 😉

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! The orchestra sounds amazing.

  6. Just saw the picture. Can we say “Venezuelan Pride”? That is very cool.

  7. i’m so happy you went!! which did you get?

  8. You were lucky to get ticket to see Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar orquestra…. I called a week ago to get ticked but it was SOL OUT!!I know he will be with the NYC Philharmonic in Lincoln Center.

  9. not so little woman – : )sizzle – it was, I really enjoyed it.joe – it was my first time.bex – well, it wasn’t really strip poker, socks weren’t literally lost. passionista – it truly is!not so little woman – of but of course we can! : )pinknest – We got a sample, two of each. They were delicious. My sister’s favorite was caramel, mine… not sure, maybe the pumpkin one, but that might be because it tasted like ginger and I’m already craving ginger bread cookies! meibell – Conchale, que lastima que no pudieron ir! Pero si, el va a presentarse con la filarmonica de NY, y dicen los comentaristas que esa sera su prueba de fuergo!

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