How many times have you moved?

I just realized this morning that I haven’t lived more than 9 years in the same place. Yes, I have lived most of my life in Venezuela, but never for more than 9 years in a row. Lets look at the break down, shall we?

2 y San Tome, Anzoategui, Vzla (1 home)
1 y Caracas, Venezuela (1 home)
4 m Washington, DC, USA (1 home)
4 y Davis, CA, USA (3 homes)
3 y Cardon, Falcon, Vzla (4 homes)
4 y Caracas, Vzla (2 homes)
1 y Irvine, CA, USA (2 homes)
9 y Caracas, Vzla (with two 2-3 m intervals in London and Marlow, England, in 1990 and in 1996) (5 homes)
3 y New York, NY, USA (1 home)
4 y Caracas, Vzla (1 home)
Almost 3 y and counting New York, NY, USA (2 homes)

I have lived in 24 different homes (moves within the same town/city), and have had 10 major moves and relocations so far. Hmm, is anyone thinking nomad here?


16 responses to “How many times have you moved?

  1. and here i thought i was adventurous moving from one state to another (that’s two states total!).nomad for sure. 🙂

  2. you make me want to do a breakdown :)15 yrs Los Angeles, CA/Santa Monica (3 homes)3 yrs Westchester, NY (1 home)3 1/2 years St. Louis, MO (3 homes)1/2 year Australia (1 home)4 years New York, NY (2 homes)Not quite as adventurous as your list!

  3. I haven’t been in that many motels, much less homes in my whole life! I bet you could write a book on packing and unpacking!

  4. Holy cow! That is a lot of moves! What was your favorite?

  5. Wow, you’ve got me beat by about a million.

  6. You have some good moves on you (audience groans)

  7. I love the movie “howl´s moving castle”…

  8. sizzle – oh but you are very adventurous!bex – look at you, and all your moves!buffalodickdy – I think I might. alissa – hmmm, all moves have been both exciting and a challenge, and they all seem to have come at the right time, just as I was getting antsy and wanting to go. justrun – of come on, with all that running you do, that must count for some moves!jarod – : )sra. calamaro – I haven’t seen it, I just loved this image!

  9. Todo lo contrario a tí:16 años en Coyoacán, México, D.F. (una casa)14 años en Tlalpan, México, D.F. (una casa)2 años en NYC (un estudio)1 año en NYC (un departamento)3 meses en Tlalpan, México, D.F. (una casa-misma que antes)Un total de cuatro viviendas diferentes en 33 años…

  10. mond – en la variedad esta el gusto no? No todos nos mudamos tanto gracias a Dios!

  11. I lost count in the 1.5 year I was homeless.. I moved around in that time SO much… I stopped counting…

  12. dutchbitch – you were homeless?! When was this?

  13. Umm… Let’s see.I’ve moved countries and cities a total of 8 times. Actual moves from house to house… 18YIKES.

  14. ohmygoodness you are a nomad!

  15. not so little woman – you and I seem to have lived similar lives!pinknest – ohnygoodness is right! ; )

  16. ¡Y yo presumía de haberme mudado 15 veces en 31 años!

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