She actually (finally!!!) read every single page! Can you believe it? I went to talk to my sponsor today about the proposal draft I submitted two and half weeks ago, and she, for the first time every, had read every single page, and had tons of comments to contribute to my work! I can’t believe it! I’m so flipping HAPPY!!!!

Now work, work, work, on those revisions so that I can turn in it again next week!


7 responses to “Yippy!

  1. yay!!!and i hear ya on the ice cream front (re: your previous post). i once walked through a snow storm to go to cold stone.

  2. Go Jen! Is this for your PHD? What is the thesis?

  3. bex – ice cream is worth every effort! sizzle – : ) Thanks!jarod – yes, this is my dissertation proposal. It’s on children’s spiritual experiences… yeah, I know, it takes a little more than that for people to understand : )

  4. yaaay!! Congrats. I know what that is all like!

  5. Yay! That reminds me I need to read one of my students questionnaires…

  6. not so little woman – : ) thanks!mond – yay : )

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