I crave sweets all the time

Last night I went out for margaritas with a friend of mine, who I hadn’t seen in a while. On my way back home I needed something sweet. Is it me, or do you also get cravings for sweets when you drink? Anyhow, I stopped by Cold Stone and bought my now customary Strawberry Blond (this time with strawberry ice cream) and was eating it while I walked home.

On my way home a couple of guys passed by me, one said to the other”How can people have ice cream when it’s 30 degrees?” I said “Because people love ice cream, and besides it’s 49!”. Well, yeah, it was more like 44, but still, wouldn’t you crave ice cream any time of year? It’s ICE CREAM for the love of God! He clearly doesn’t have a woman in his life!


13 responses to “I crave sweets all the time

  1. haha! you’re a regular now at cold stone it seems! strawberry blonde sounds delicious. unlike that dude.

  2. Eat that ice-cream, I say. It can be Antartica and there is still room for ice-cream.

  3. when i ate sugar all the time, i could eat ice cream no matter the weather. it’s like people who say they are “full” and can’t have dessert. what?! dessert goes down an entirely different food trap, don’t they know!?;)

  4. It’s not just ice cream, it’s Cold Stone! That puts it in a category of it’s own

  5. Ohhh my my…..I feel like I need to get one now. Thanks!

  6. sip..helado es helado…además le hubieras dicho: mind your own biz..pendejo…q le importa

  7. I try to avoid ice cream. A couple of years back I had a nasty 2-bowl-a-day habit I managed to kick….

  8. jaaaaaaaa!! el helado no tiene temporada ni clima, sencillamente se requiere y punto.. asi o mas metiche?? bueeeh de que los hay, los hay!

  9. pinknest – it’s truly delicious, and keeps me going back for more!jarod – and I will!sizzle – how can they not know that?passionista – I agree!misstressm – have you been drinking too?pillo – : )buffalodickdy – you avoid ice cream?! If there is an addiction you are allowed to have it’s ice cream!lau – exacto! se requiere y ya!

  10. Besides, eating ice-cream in cold weather actually warms you up, because your body reacts to the cold by trying to warm up. So eat away, the cold weather is actually the best excuse!!

  11. I have eaten ice-cream when it’s 20, so, I totally understand you… go girl!

  12. not so little woman – exactly!!!mond – I have too!

  13. Easy… the ice cream actually makes you feel warmer because it is colder than the outside temperature. So… it’s like you are “insulating” yourself by eating it. ha…ha.ha….. 🙂

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