Fuerza Bruta!

I just came back from Fuerza Bruta. My friends Andrea and Joan invited me, as a birthday gift, to see this show (thank you guys!). It’s VERY different. “Alternative Art” comes to mind. The first few minutes there I just thought “this is just like life. You’re there minding you’re own business, and suddenly, out of now where, wham! you’re hit by a truck!”. In Spanish I frequently say, when going through emotional mayhem, “me siento como si me hubiese revolcado una ola!”. That’s exactly what this show portrays, and now it’s here in NYC!

If you’re into something different, upbeat, alternative, loud, and fun, don’t miss it!


6 responses to “Fuerza Bruta!

  1. Looks different, I’ll give you that….

  2. I’d be totally into that. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I say the exact same thing and I don’t even speak Spanish. Now all I need is someone to translate it for me.

  4. buffalodickdy – different it is!passionista – you should go see it, if come near you.joe – it means Brute Force, but you knew that already Joe, right?

  5. i read a review of this and thought it sounded pretty cool. at least the logistics about how they got that pool in there.

  6. pinknest – it is quite cool. I was in awe most of the time, and the rest just wondering what they would do next. It’s worth going.

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