An Ode to my Dad!

With all the birthday commotion I forgot to post about my dad’s visit. My dad is an incredible man, and one of THE MOST special and important ones in my life. You see my dad was born into a family with very little means, who worked from dawn to dusk trying to make ends meat. His dad was a hard working man, who provided for his wife and 5 children through thick and thin. My grandmother was not strong health-wise, and she needed help getting around and getting things done. They started out their lives in a very small town, at the ends of the world, so my father at a very young age was sent to live with relatives so that he could attend a good school.

My grandfather believed, and so does my dad, that education is the only road to a better life. The thinking is somewhat like this: the better educated you are the better job you’ll have, and thus your quality of life will improve. My father is living proof of this. Through his effort, hard work, and use of his skills (he is one of the most intelligent men I know) he has completely changed and bettered his life and that of his family from day one. I never saw, felt or lived poverty a day in my life, and it was due to the fact that my dad would have none of it. Today my dad is still hard at work, at something he loves doing, traveling the world, and constantly learning from, and teaching others.

You would think that a man who is so focused, determined, and career oriented, wouldn’t have enough time for his family, or this would not be his priority, but not my dad. I know, because I live it every day of my life. His family is the world to him, and everything he does is done thinking of us. My dad is not only the most responsible, reliable, committed, dedicated, and professional person I know, he’s also the most caring, thoughtful, and warm father, grandfather, and husband you could ever find.

I love my dad, that goes without saying, although I know I could always say it more often. I owe him my life, in a literal way. Not only because he gave me life, but because he has made my experience in life the awesome one it has been. When one has support and love from the people one admires, there’s no limit as to what one can do. My dad is an upstanding man, and for all he is, and all he shares with us, I want to say thank you. I love you, and I am very much aware that I would not be half the person I am without you. Thank you.


8 responses to “An Ode to my Dad!

  1. What a wonderful post and man!

  2. I’m just annoyed that your father didn’t drop by my office to bring me souvenirs. I mean, I shouldn’t have to ask him to bring me – a complete stranger – some trinkets.But still, he does sound like an incredible man.

  3. alissa – : )joe – not ask him, but maybe a text message? ; )

  4. i envy your relationship with your dad. such a beautiful thing!

  5. que lindo te expresas de tu papa =)

  6. Very nice post! Cheers to your dad!

  7. I had to check the calendar and make sure it wasn’t Fathers’ Day! If you can say that much good about your dad on any old weekday, he must really be something! That makes you both lucky!

  8. sizzle – my dad is like a mother hen, I’m sure he’ll have no problem in adopting you.lau – si vieras como se expresa el de mi!justrun – cheers!buffalodickdy – he really is!

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