A girl can do this!

I got my parents’ birthday gift delivered today! Yay!
But once the delivery guy was gone and had left me with this:

and this:

I immediately thought “ok, now what? Where are the men in my life when I need them?!”

I’m usually pretty self-sufficient and capable of taking matters into my own hands and get things done. But physical strength is not my thing and this required some lifting, pushing, pulling, for sure. To make matters worse my left shoulder is still out of it (remember?) and my knee has not totally recovered. Anyhow, I will be damned if I can’t at least try to do this.
A girl can do this, right?

So, after a lot of moving things around, thinking about the most efficient way to do it, wishing I had another person there to help me, laughing it out, and then actually pushing, pulling, and lifting. I did it! Now I have a bedroom set!

I’m sure there will be a few bruises tomorrow to show for my effort, but it’s worth it don’t you think? Like my aunt Vivian would say “now it looks important!”
Yay!! Thank you Maqui and Pelo, I love it!!!!

13 responses to “A girl can do this!

  1. way to go you! it’s so pretty. 🙂

  2. With your permission I will definitely quote “Now it looks important!” That is perfect!

  3. sizzle – : ) Thanks!buffalodickdy – quote away! : )

  4. Way to gut it out! Bed looks cool.

  5. wow, it’s beautiful!

  6. jarod – 🙂 thanks!bex – I think so too : )

  7. Wow! I didn’t document my project with pictures, but I’m sure they’d look pretty similar. The same thing happened to me when my bed came from Ikea. The satisfaction point was sooo good when I realized that through determination and ingenuity I was able to do by myself something that was supposed to be a “two people work”

  8. not so little woman – isn’t the satisfaction incredible?!

  9. Good work! That satisfaction (though hard-won) is a pretty good present to yourself.

  10. Muy bien..pudiste..siempre uno puede..estoy orgullosa..que linda quedó….

  11. mollyb, bloggerin – Thank you! It surely is!pillo – 🙂 y si uno finalmente no puede sin ayuda, siempre es bueno por lo menos tratar!

  12. de que podemos, podemos.. que bonita recamara!!

  13. Me recordaste cuando me mudé a mi departamentito en Harlem y tuve que armar todos mis muebles… by myself… y cierto youknowwho se sorprendió… ¡Claro que podemos!

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