Democracy is dead, we need help!

Venezuela is not doing well people. Democracy, as we knew it, is dead. I just got an email from my mom saying that people are out on the streets protesting, opposition (of course), but also the people that were once on Chavez’s side, who have lost patience waiting for his undelivered promises.

No one wants a referendum on Dec 2nd for the approval of Chavez’s new constitution, because everyone knows it’s just for show and he has the outcome completely controlled. Help! We truly need help!


3 responses to “Democracy is dead, we need help!

  1. I hope it doesn’t get too ugly, as I don’t think the USA can handle another military venture right now. Who else would? Who else could? I don’t know….

  2. Ay niña! I’m soo sorry!! Is there a petition or something we can sign?

  3. buffalodickdy – I hope so too, although it has been more so like this for the past 8 years. I’m not sure if anyone can help us but ourselves… but that would require a major civil uproar and we are completely armless. One of the latest was to revoke all gun permits, so civilians cannot own a gun legally now. not so little woman – I don’t know, but I will be looking into that. I’ll let you know.

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