The Parade

I did end up going to the Halloween Parade down in the Village with some friends, and here are some of the promised pics I took. You’ll have to forgive me because they aren’t that great. My excuse is that the place was packed, so picture taking wasn’t easy. Also, I was a bit under dressed and a tad cold, so taking pics was really not on top of my priority list tonight. Anyhow, here they go.

There were a lot of floats with different themes

Some sophisticated, purchased costumes

Some simpler ones, and some home made

There was Elvis, Marilyn, even Jesus showed up!

I hadn’t been to this parade since 1997, and I’m telling you some thing just don’t change. It was the same craziness as it has ever been, and crowded as can be! I’m glad I went though. There were some very creative costumes, like french fries, scrabble tiles, a fortune cookie, and some lego people. My favorite was a flasher, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of him.

After the parade we headed uptown again and ended up meeting some more friends at Habana Central for dinner and margaritas. All and all a great Halloween!


13 responses to “The Parade

  1. A Halloween Parade! We’ve got nothing like that going on here! For some reason it reminded me of Key West at sunset….

  2. It looks like so much fun! I wanted to go real bad, but I knew that if I stayed up late (on a school night), I’d be wreck today…

  3. That is very cool! I like the ghostbusters. And the hula girls…

  4. Ah the village parade. NEver went, but always saw pics. Wow Ghostbusters. Can’t believe their still around. How about you? We didn’t get to see what you wore?

  5. That’s pretty cool. And those costumes- are those like Starship Troopers or whatever they’re called? (I am going to get kicked out of the dork club for not remembering that.)

  6. Que buenos disfraces..jajaja lego people..deberías poner esa foto..jajaja

  7. ¿Con quién fuiste Jen?Se ve que la pasaron chevere.

  8. Halloween parade?! Fun!Thanks for stopping by my blog…

  9. Epaleee!Esa hawaiana eras tu?Y si es si, me encanto ese disfraz, Bueniisimo!:DQue chevere se ve esa Parade!

  10. buffalodickdy – well, I think there’s a reason right there to como to NYC next year!not so little woman – It was a lot of fun. At some point I thought I wasn’t going to go (I wasn’t feeling quite up for it). But I’m glad I decided to go.jarod – such a guy you are!mike – yep, they are still around, live and kicking! I didn’t dress up, I went as preppy little old me.justrun – those are exactly what you’re referring too. See? They would kick me out too, but I have never really belong anyway. pillo – si, super creativos los disfraces. Esa no la tome : (mond – fui con Michele y unas amigas de ella. Si, estuvo divertido. princess of the universe – Fun indeed! Thank you. I enjoyed reading. And welcome to mine. clau – no, yo termine no disfrazandome de nada, aunque me hubiese gustado. Tu? te disfrazaste?

  11. That looks like it was fun!! I’ve never been to anything like that!

  12. I was the flasher! Email me and I’ll send you a picture!

  13. randi – you have to come to NYC next year!zachrybrown – you were the flasher?! No!

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