Happy Halloween!

As a kid Halloween was about dressing up and eating candy, both very good things. As an adult Halloween is about parties, celebrations and having fun. So tonight I might be having some of that, if so, I’ll have photos to come.

Also Halloween, to me at least, is about darkness, about letting our not so good sides show. It’s about black magic, witches, ghost and the underworld, which makes it a bit scary and very interesting. We’ll see what awaits for us today.

I hope you have a great Halloween doing whatever you decide to do!


10 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloweeeeeeennnnnn!!!!BOOOOO!!!(Somehow that’s scarier in person)For me halloween is all about CANDY and CHOCOLATE. And I have been eating it all morning. And I do mean all. I started my day off with Ghiradelli double chocolate brownies with hershey’s kisses inside…

  2. it’s 9:10am and so far i am the only one in costume.my coworkers have no sense of humor.

  3. weekends off – mmmm double chocolate brownies sound incredible! I just might have to revise my adult understanding of Halloween! ; )sizzle – you’re in costume? : )javascript:void(0)Publish Your Comment

  4. Happy Halloween, Jen! Have fun and eat lots of candy!

  5. It will be about giving candy to all the trick or treaters out there… no candy if are not wearing a disguise…Happy Halloween Jen!!!

  6. I’m thinking that on New Years Day, they should allow adults to trick or treat for small bottles of alcohol, like the ones they give you on planes.Yeah…that would be cool.

  7. Really? They had Halloween in Venezuela? Not really where I grew up… 😦

  8. jarod – happy Halloween to you as well!mond – Happy Halloween Ing! Que disfrutes a los ni#itos disfrazados!joe – I think that’s an excellent idea!not so little woman – well, in Venezuela more and more they are celebrating it, but not really all that much. I use to trick or treat in CA where I lived for 4 years as a kid.

  9. Que linda la calabaza….diviertete mucho Jen!! oye que paso con el chico?

  10. pillo – tu? celebraste Halloween en Mexico? Ya les contare, el post viene por ahi.

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