A birthday recap

I went over to my sister’s to see the kids and wait for my dad to arrive. Once my b.i.l. and sis made it home from work we had dinner.

While serenaded by my favorite girl

And hugged by my favorite guy

We also had yummy cake made by Super Margot who is nanny, cook, cleaning lady, and awesome baker!

My mom was there in spirit, or should I say via technology?
Fun family time! Yay!

At night I meet with friends at BB&R

Some craziness went on (we’re blaming it on Halloween)

And then we sung Happy Birthday with yummy cream puffs from Choux Factory

After that, the “have to go home to relieve the babysitter” folks ; ) had to leave, but some of us single gals were set on having a bit more fun, so off we went to Tin Lizzie for some dancing

Fun times I tell you, fun times!
Thank you all for making this a very special birthday! : )


11 responses to “A birthday recap

  1. OMG! Looks like you had a great time! Good for you!!!

  2. Looks like it was a blast!!I’m sooo sorry I missed it!! But next time!The thing I’m happy about most, though? That it was great and you had fun with your family and friends around, despite b.w.t.b.’s absence. 🙂

  3. After your last post, I was worried you didn’t have much of a birthday. From the happy people(you included!)in those pictures, that’s the last time I worry about that! Last time I had that much fun, I didn’t have any clothes on! Then the staff at Bennigans told me to get dressed and escorted me to the door…..

  4. I know it’s late, butHAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!!

  5. Wow looks like you had great fun. I’m happy bwtb non-efforts didn’t spoil it for you.

  6. looks like so much fun! cake AND a pink wig?! lol!

  7. Sniff, sniff… not mean to sound important but, I’m missing on those photos!!! Damn! I really miss you guys!The last pic rocks!Happy birthday Jen!

  8. Looks like a TON of fun. Happy Birthday!

  9. Got back from my trip this weekend – you look like you had so much fun! You guys are hilarious. Happy Birthday, Jen!

  10. Que buena fiestaaaaaa…..que bueno que celebraste….

  11. HEeeeeeyyy HAPPY B-DAY GIRL!!!Buenisimo, que lo disfrutaste de principio a fin, por ahi vi a la prima Meibell… jaja!Y hasta bailastes, pero que riiico!!Me alegro por ti..:D

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