Does a weekend getaway count as a fifth date?

It turns out the boy with the bike (t.b.w.t.b.) has a house upstate, and guess where I spent the weekend? You guessed it!

The place

We left Friday afternoon. A couple of his friends joined us, so we had a fun packed car. The road was not that crowded since we left early enough to avoid traffic. The ride was fun, a lot of talking and tree watching. The fall colors are starting to show much more now than since my last road trip. Especially, on our way back to the city we saw very beautiful tress and hiking trails, since we took the scenic route through the Catskills. Really beautiful!

We did a ton of stuff now that I think about it.

Fire watching and wine drinking

Quad riding

He has a very nice smile, doesn’t he? ; )

Farm and Cider Mill going


And some other fun stuff I didn’t take pictures of like visiting t.b.w.t.b’s college in Oneonta, playing Scategories, cooking and eating (there was a lot of that, and very good too), reading, resting, and just plain old chilling.

It was a great weekend. Fun had by all!

16 responses to “Does a weekend getaway count as a fifth date?

  1. What happened to C? However, it really doesn’t matter.. You look very happy!

  2. HOLY CRAP!!! You had a “Mini-Break Holiday” straight out of Bridget Jones’s Diary!!!! ROCK ON! That looks absolutely fabulous and fun. Oh.. and big kudos for the artsy photo of fire through wine glass. :)THIS is exactly why you’ve been given a Blog Award! :)

  3. Very nice 5th date. Looks like you had lots of fun. You go girl!

  4. Finally, a “male-friendly” dating post in the blogger world – one with shotguns! Thanks for that!

  5. Nice. I am jealous of all the fall-y activities. 🙂

  6. aaaah!!!! i’m jealous, too! this is the PERFECT weekend to me. perfect. and i love that pumpkins are involved. and you look hot with the gun. 🙂

  7. wow..eso ya no es un date..eso ya es otra cosa..que divertidooo..te ves super contenta..que bueno que todo va bien….felicidades Jen!!! is in the air…

  8. What a great weekend you guys had! I’m particularly impressed by both the ninja scarecrow behind you guys and by your ability to float over people and take pictures from above. Well done, Jen.

  9. i think a weekend getaway counts as a fifth, sixth and seventh date. sounds like a lot of fun! and yes, he has a great smile. you two look happy together. 🙂

  10. alejandra – what can I say? C turned out to be a huge disappointment. On the other hand I am very happy now, so I guess it was all for the best.pinkpiddypaws – you sweet thing you! Thank you for that award, I’m all smiles! : )mike – I go indeed! ; )jarod – you are very welcome! ; )justrun – you have to go and get some fall fun done this weekend!pinknest – don’t be jealous, grab your Matt and hit the road, there are tons of pumpkins to be had!pillo – love seems to be definitely in the air! : )joe – that ninja sc was impressive indeed, but the “floating” pics were taken from the house’s deck you silly!sizzle – wow all those dates in one?! I hadn’t thought about it that way! It was a lot of fun, we are having a great time together. So far happy is an excellent state! : )

  11. How very fun!Does he have any single friends he wants to set me up with?

  12. What a great time… and it must be beautiful there in Fall. Had you done shooting before? Isn’t it difficult to keep your hands steady when you shoot?

  13. 5th date… Well, it looks like he treats you well and you like him… OK, you have my permission- but we’ll need regular updates!

  14. Haayy Jen ese lugar esta lindisimo,Me encanto!Pero no me digas que le disparaste a algun pajarito : ‘(

  15. catherinette singleton – I don’t know, but I sure can ask for you!neil – It was a ton of fun. I like shooting actually, and have done it before. it’s somewhat empowering, and no, if you usually have steady hands, they’ll fine for shooting. buffalodickdy – he does treat me well, and I do like him : ) Thanks for the permission, I’ll keep them coming, no worries!clau – el lugar, la verdad, es espectacular. No te preocupes que primero muerta que dispararle a un animal por puro hobby.

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