A Friend Filled Weekend!

Today was Canada’s Thanksgiving day and my friends Ani, Kini and Baby decided to take advantage of the long weekend and come to NYC and visit. They stayed with me during the weekend and left today after a yummy brunch at Corner (great French Toast!).

It was a weekend filled with friends, visits, family, and a lot of talking and eating as all good weekends should be. Saturday we woke up relatively early given that they arrived after midnight Friday night, and walked to the East River. The weather couldn’t have been any better, so we took some pictures.

After that we went to visit Tavo and Cheska, some friends from Venezuela who also live in NYC (only a few blocks from me and we never see each. I know, I know).

From there it was off to the heights to visit Kini’s grandmother. They had cooked all his favorite dishes and we spent the afternoon chit-chatting while having a big family feast. We left to go to my sister’s so that Ani and Kini could meet Sophie (last time they were here she was still cooking in the oven), and from there to a concert at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament in celebration of Padre Alexis’ 25th ordination anniversary. We got to see excellent Venezuelan musicians playing in honor of el padre, but the best of all was Ilan Chester and his Cerro El Avila!

The musicians playing together after each of their solos:

A lady who just needed to honor her Latin roots and got up and showed it (yeah we’re Catholic and this is the house of God and all, but we’re Venezuelan first of all, and when salsa plays we dance, no matter where we are!)

And finally, Ilan!

After the Church, it was off to UVA for dinner and drinks, delicious! A packed day to say the least, we ended going to be close to 3 am!

Sunday was shopping day, so we geared up after a delicious brunch at Cafe D’Alsace and headed toward Woodbury Commons. Being it Columbus Day weekend and all you can imagine the traffic to get there, the lines at every store, and then the traffic to come back into the city. Lovely, absolutely lovely. But a ton of fun was had and the shopping wasn’t bad itself. We ended the trip at Kini’s grandmother’s again for some more family chit-chat and food.

I can tell you this week was filled with everything but work and rest, so currently I am way behind in my reading and project work, and tired as can be. But when I got home late tonight this was waiting for me:

Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever?

12 responses to “A Friend Filled Weekend!

  1. Very nice. I don’t ever miss that traffic. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. What a fun, fun weekend!! And about those flowers and the letter? Are them from the bike man? Ahem, ahem!

  3. Now that is a fun weekend. Cool!

  4. mike – indeed the traffic wasn’t the best thing about the weekend.not so little woman – it was a ton of fun! The flowers were from my friends Ani and Kini, as a thanks for staying with me. They made my day!jarod – very fun! : )

  5. sounds like a fun weekend!

  6. Lo mejor son las flores… ya sabes que me ¡ENCANTAN!

  7. ya nos haces falta!!!ojala no pase mucho para volvernos a ver!!!!:-)

  8. sizzle – it was a great time!mond – si, las flores son bellisimas y estas estan de lo mas lindas.anarella – y ustedes a mi!! No pueden volver a pasar dos a#os y medio!!!

  9. Rei mucho con lo de la señora bailando salsa en la iglesia..wow q lindas flores….que bonito te va todo Jen…congrats…

  10. pillo – si vale, esa Sra fue a little too much! Todo chevere por aca. Te estoy mandando “la ola de lo bonito” para alla ahora, asi que esperala! ; )

  11. ILAN????…. Wow… que espectaculaaarrr!!!Las fotos demuestran lo chevere que la pasaron,by the way, now I know you face girl…Estas muy linda!..:D

  12. clau – si Ilan!!!! Pues, si, ya el nombre tiene cara! : )

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