My weekend Harley trip

The view

Lake Welch

The girl and the crazy hair from the wind *

The boy with the nice smile

The picture that had to be taken in spite of the crazy hair

The hike through the park

The boy and the bike

* I have very fine, straight hair, which tangles very easily. You’d think I’d know that by now… well I guess not so much because my hair ended up so tangled I couldn’t even run my fingers through it to get it to behave,
and of course I never carry a brush/comb with me : (
Yet, the first thing my mom asked when I told her I had gone on a motorcycle ride was:
“So what did you do with your hair?” go figure!


16 responses to “My weekend Harley trip

  1. You look gorgeous darling! I LOVE the windblown Harley Hair look! But then.. I like motorcycles too. :)He looks too cute for words and a lot of fun. What a sweet date to go on. I’m totally jealous. And I love the pics. The Lake, the hike, all of it. Fabulous!Thanks for stopping by my site. I appreciate the comment. The drama is…. well.. it’s drama… but I’m about to stop being “Miss Nice Kitty” ha..ha.ha… :)Cinnkitty

  2. looks like fun!one perk to my short hair- no tangles. hee hee.

  3. ooh this looks so fun!!! where is lake walsh? i love it! i wanna go. so was the ride scary? oh god i don’t know if i could do that. turns would really freak me out. try wearing a glamorous scarf on the next bike trip!

  4. LOL. Guess mom knows best. Looks like you had a fun time.

  5. nooooo..yo quiero un second date así…wow se veian super encantó la foto de los 2…este chico me gusta para ti Jen…keep it!!

  6. Ride on! That is great!

  7. Chamaaaaaaaa buenisimo…Please tell us about it.. Your post has more pictures than parragraphs hummmthat means… you Had fun.. no words to describe it 😉

  8. Glad you made it back, tangled hair and all….

  9. andaleeee!! q padre date!! mi cabello es del mismo tipo pero como me desespera ponerme a desenrredarlo, he optado por ponerme una fuerte liga que lo detenga todo… y aun asi, usualmente termino hecha una garra, jeque rico date.. ahi quedate!

  10. pinkpiddypaws – Thank you! He is a very nice guy, we’ll see how this develops. I’m sorry you’re going through drama, that’s always a bit of a pain. I hope things get better soon. sizzle – it was fun, very different fun. I love short hair, it just doesn’t look good on me. pinknest – Lake Welch is about 45 mins from Manhattan, very close, and very worth while. You should go! It’s part of Harriman State Park – Mom always seems to know best! : )Pillo – : ) si, estuvo bien chido! ; ) Vamos a buscarte uno asi para ti!Jarod – : )Meibell – pues estuvo bien chevere la salida. Vamos a ver, nada de contar pollos antes de que nazcan ; )buffalo – I’m glad too, that speedy asphalt under the bike was a bit scary! I kept on telling myself “don’t look down!”lau – si, para la proxima ya se! Una cola, un pa#uelo, algo!

  11. That looks like a blast, even with the crazed hair! 🙂

  12. justrun – it was certainly worth the crazy hair!

  13. I loved, LOVED, loved….absolutely loved the pictures. Next time I am coming with you guys. I will pretend to be invisible. I promise.

  14. Ok, but the juicy details??

  15. Yeah juicy details, a definite! What a fab looking thing. The boy’s not so bad either ;0) (cutie!!) He certainly seems to be putting a smile on your face. As for you hair, you should see mine after wind, my hair is even finer and tanglier (is that a word) than yours. Believe!!

  16. misstressm – we’re waiting for you girl!not so little woman – : ) well… the juice is yet to come. the sarjent – : ) I’m glad you share my hair pain!

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