New Baby on the way!

My friends Ani and Kini are pregnant!
Remember them? From my Canada trip

They were two and now they’ll be three!
I’m so excited I haven’t been able to stop smiling since Monday : )
8 weeks and counting!!!
Say hi to the little munchkin.


12 responses to “New Baby on the way!

  1. Entre las amigas de ..lau.. y las tuyas ¡¡¡van a sobrepoblar al mundo!!! ¡Qué lindos los niñitos!

  2. thanks to whomever did the diagramming. i would’ve had no idea. hahaha! congrats to your friends!

  3. mond – : ) comiquita!pinknest – I was thinking the same thing! Thanks!

  4. Cool! Congrats to them.

  5. awwww!!look at you!!! The proud auntie showing off her nice/nephew!!heheheI haven’t been able to stop smiling either!!! ;)XOXO

  6. jarod – thanks!!!anarella – : ))))

  7. si que onda..puras embarazadas…pero bueno que estás tan feliz..congrats…

  8. veeeeeees??? si hay algo en el agua!!! a partir de hoy, cero agua natural.. felicidades Ani y Kini!!!

  9. Menos mal que pusiste foto, porque con el título me andaba dando soponcio.Felicidades a ellos!! Y a tí, porque las tías también merecen felicidades.

  10. pillo – con tal de que no sea contagioso! Gracias!lau – exacto, por sia! Gracias!not so little woman – no vale, tranquila, por aqui no hay bebe aun. Gracias, gracias!

  11. You are so cute, Jen. I am happy for you and your friends!!! Babies are such a blessing.

  12. ssc – thank you! they truly are a blessing, and in their case more so, because this baby has been quite searched for.

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