A lot to celebrate!

There is a lot to celebrate today!

1.- It is my last day of work at my old job and I can barely believe it!!!

2.- This is my post number 200! A great accomplishment since I didn’t really know how long I would be blogging when I started back in 2005.

3.- C is coming in September and September starts tomorrow!!!

Isn’t this a grand day to celebrate?

14 responses to “A lot to celebrate!

  1. sizzle – thank you, thank you, thank you : )

  2. Ay mijaaa que felicidad..que bueno que viene C amiga..un abrazote para ti y para tus buenas noticias…..

  3. Look at you! Life seems to be going well for you and I couldn’t be happier!Hold on. Shouldn’t these have been A, B, and….C? lol

  4. pillo – otro grande para ti!joe – thanks!!! As always : )

  5. Your the second blogger I’ve noticed to have a 200th post. I’m suddenly feeling dwarfed. Congratulations!Good luck on the next phase of life, wherever it may take you!I feel like giving you the Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the places you’ll go…”

  6. Wow!!! 200 hundred posts, how many words does that make? How many moments breathing, letting your fingers slide on a board with all the feelings a woman can have! Congrats! (First time here, I like it…Nice space)Hugs,Nunu

  7. celebremosleeeeeeee!!!!

  8. Congratulations!!! I’m waiting september too.

  9. All that good fortune at once? Congrats, and enjoy!

  10. lucy – don’t feel dwarfed, 200 post in 2 years doesn’t seem like a lot to me, does it? Thanks you! I love that book, Dr Seuss rocks!bex – : )nunu – I guess that makes a whole lot of words! Thanks and welcome, please come back soon.anarella – vayeeeemosle!triple – thanks! What’s September bringing your way?buffalodickdy – not all at one, but probably in the same month, which is much appreciated. Thank you, I’ll try my best : )

  11. cheers cheers cheers!

  12. pinknest – thanks you and welcome back!

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