I’m back!

I spent the last week at my friends Ani (Anarella) and Kini (Alejandro)’s place in Ottawa/Gatineau Canada. I had a splendid time, especially because of the company, they are old dear friends with whom I have had tons of fun times and this was no exception. We did it all: sightseeing, eating, exercising, reading, eating, movie watching, talking, eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, relaxing, and a little more eating just in case we were still hungry. Here are some of my favorite pics (there are over 170 in total) to show the places we went and the fun we had, enjoy!


16 responses to “I’m back!

  1. buaaaaa!me haces falta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pero la pasamos muy bien!! Ojala se repita pronto!!!! Tu sabes por eso de los milagritos 😉

  2. Look how adorable you are! I love the red bag.

  3. Looks like you had fun. Great pictures!

  4. y comer y comer y comer… acaso no es lo mejor de las vacaciones????welcome back

  5. Jen: que padres fotos….que bien se ve que lo pasaste..las vacaciones son la onda….

  6. Oh wow I love pics!!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.Is that one picture a spider?It’s pretty cool looking….

  7. Looks amazing. Tell me, did you get a chance to eat while you were up there?I can’t remember the last time I went to the black and white sections of Canada. It’s like going back in time. lol

  8. anarella – conchale, y tu a mi! Si, bueno para el Thanksgiving Canadiense vienen no? Y quizas con milagrito y todo, no? (deditos cruzados!)alissa – well thank you! I love that ba, it’s very spacious.emily – it was great fun. Thanks. We need to get together when you get back from your rich and famous life, ok?lau – Gracias! Si, la verdad es que esa es una de las mayores atracciones de las vacaciones.pillo – gracias, si, definitivamente son la onda!weekends off – yep, that’s a HUGE spider outside the National Gallery of Canada. We were there to see Renoir and a modernist photography exhibit. Both excellent!joe – we ate a months worth of food in just one week, believe me it was enough. No worries, the B&W sections have remained exactly the same, they’re probably just the same as the last time you saw them ; )

  9. Bienvenida. Se te extraño. Las fotos están buenísimas…

  10. Glad you had fun and are back safe! Looked like a great time!

  11. not so little woman – Gracias!buffalodickdy – Thank you! It was a splendid time!

  12. great photos- looks like such a fun trip!

  13. oh looks like a great time! love the garden pics. where was that?

  14. ¡Por fin se te hizo ir a Canadá! Que bueno Jen, ya te lo merecías… ¿No tenemos noticias de C?Yo estoy contenta, pero todavía en la incertidumbre. Auguro cosas buenas, ya me tocan.Besos mojados desde México.

  15. Que Bellas fotos!Se ve que disfrutaste un monton!que bueno recargar las energias…

  16. sizzle – thanks! In was indeed a lot of fun. pinknest – it was an incredible time. The garden pics are in Rideau Hall, surrounding the Prime Minister’s house, a beautiful place. mond – si, finalmente fui! Si, si tenemos, hablo con el todos los dias, peor no noe hemos vuelto a ver, el pobre anda full de trabajo : ( Que buenoq ue estas contenta Ing, de verdad que ya te tocaba!!!clau – gracias! Si vale, la pase buenisimo y llegue con las pilas puestas!

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