More summer reading

I read Emily Giffin’s first two books: Something Borrowed and Something Blue while I was at Ani’s. A friend of hers had recommended these books and once she started with them, was totally hooked and couldn’t put them down. Ani insisted that I had to read them, so I did, and once I started I literally couldn’t let them be until I had read the last page.

These books were best sellers in 2005 and 2006, so you might have heard about them or maybe even read them. If you have, what did you think? What’s your sentiment on Rachel’s behavior, being Dex her best friend’s fiancée and all? And then knowing what type of person Darcy is, do you find the cheating justified? Do you believe people can actually change as Darcy did? Do you know any people like Darcy? Like Rachel? Like Dex? Hmmm.


6 responses to “More summer reading

  1. Jen yo no he liedo esos libros..pero danos una reseñita…y otra vez como te fue????????????

  2. pillo – son light reading, de eso que haces en verano cuando no quieres pensar mucho, un novelita chick-lit pues, pero de que te atrapan, te atrapan!Ya voy, calma, calma.

  3. sounds like fun summer reading.

  4. pinknest – fun and addictive!

  5. I only read Something Borrowed. Loved it and couldn’t put it down. I was totally on Rachel’s side. So much so that I have not yet bought Something Blue. I hated Darcy. I think cheating cannot be justified, but then again, feelings are hard to justify sometimes. I personally would’ve told Darcy immediately, but people are different. I did buy and read her third book, though, Baby Proof. It was also awesome and you should read it. I think now I may be ready to give Darcy a chance, as you point out she “changes”

  6. not so little woman – I was on Rachel’s side too, but I was feeling quite ambivalent about it, since cheating is despicable in my eyes. You should read Something Blue, at the end you even start liking Darcy. I’ll check out Baby Proof. I read the little bit of it at the end of Something Blue, but haven’t bought it yet.

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