I am hooked on Persuasion, quite hooked on Jane Austen actually. So I decided to go check out if there was a movie, and I found there are 2 versions in Netflix. The 1971 version and the 1995 one. I also found Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Pride and Prejudice. Of all of these the only ones I haven’t seen are Mansfield Park and Persuasion. So I added them to my queue. To my surprise something went wrong and Persuasion 1971 was added as number one, and quickly set to be shipped to me. I am receiving it tomorrow, but I haven’t finished the book yet! Yikes! You know what that means right? I will be up reading all night until I finish the book so that when the movie gets here tomorrow I’m ready to go. Thank God I didn’t have other plans! ; )


8 responses to “Persuasion

  1. jajajajaja…a leer…sense and sensibility me encanta y pride and prejudice tambien, tendrè que leer persuasion….suerte quemandote las pestañas…

  2. Being a guy, when I see a book cover like that I tend to take a pass on opening the book-Mush!!!

  3. pillo – bueno, me termine el libro y te lo recomiendo ampliamente, muy bueno, super romantico!buffalodickdy – : ) it’s a great love story!

  4. Oh! I love Sense and Sensibility and Emma. Can’t wait for you to see them!

  5. are you going to go see becoming jane?

  6. I’m a guy and I’m not afraid to admit I love Jane Austen. The first thing I noticed when I started reading Pride and Prejudice (and I was surprised to notice it), was how witty it was. I don’t think people give Austen enough credit for how funny her books were.

  7. verdad que está genial??? fue una recomendación del Bizcocho y por un momento dude (en las primeras páginas..)pero me fue envolviendo hasta que lo devoré!!ahora ando a la caza de pride and prejudice y Emma… Jane Austen acaba de pasar a mi lista de autoras preferidas, jeUn abrazo

  8. alissa – I will keep ypu posted! : )pinknest – I can`t wait!hadrian – she is very witty indeed. Good for yoy for liking her, being a guy and all ; )lau – yo estoy obsesionada con Jane Austen, me muero por ver Becoming Jane!

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