I’m on vacation!

Finally yesterday was my last day at work, and now I’m off for 3 weeks!!!!! It’s not until Monday the 27th of August that I have to be back for one week, and then this old job of mine is done.
I couldn’t be happier! Hooray!!!!
Anyone care to join me in a little dance?

14 responses to “I’m on vacation!

  1. Let´s dance…tu ponme la musica y yo bailo …solo que con una pata solamente..pero de que bailo …bailo….disfruta harto tus vacaciones….

  2. yay! ¿que vas a hacer? (is that correct?)

  3. pillo – asi es! aun con una sola patica a bailar se ha dicho! Gracias!bex – that is correct! I see your Spanish lessons are paying off, or is it the Spanish men? ; ) I’m going to Canada next week to visit some friends, and then back to the city.

  4. hope you have a great time in Canada. Call me when you’re back and maybe you can come out to Montauk w/ me for a couple of nights!

  5. awesome! have a wonderful time!

  6. Dice una canción de Wicked “…I couldn’t be happier… cause happy is what happens when all your dreams come true!”

  7. I couldn’t do a little dance at the computer, so I just did an upper torso hand jive sort of thing…..Have alot of fun!

  8. emily – thank you! I’ll give you a call when I get back. Have a great time in Montauk.pimknest – thanks!mond – : ) I like it!buffalodickdy – well done! : ) Thanks!

  9. Que vivan las vacaciones!! 3 semanotas, como para relajarte, pasear, conocer y divertirte. Abro invitación a México.. dejate caer!!

  10. Well I got here too late to dance with you but I did shake my booty for you when I read it…a belated booty shake!!Have fun and stay safe!!!

  11. lau – Que vivan! Tan bella, gracias, quizas vaya en Spring Break el a#o que viene.weekends off – thank you for the booty shake, loved it!

  12. Ha aprovechar el verano!!!!

  13. meibell – asi es, a aprovechar!!!

  14. Hola Jen… que rico sentir libertad, levantarte mas tarde… espero q te rindan estos dias…aprovecha y disfruta al máximo!

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