Finally, New Windows!

I was told the window guys would come today around 2:00 pm, little did I know they would knock on my door at 8:30 am! My original date was about a month ago, so I had prepped everything for that day, including taking my blinds off to have them cleaned and away from the window sill. My appointment got canceled for lack of materials (apparently they ran out of glass, so there were no windows available to be installed) and it wasn’t until today that they came. You can imagine how it feels to be waken up by the sun through your East facing window every morning at about 6ish. Not fun. But today, hopefully, it will be over, which means tomorrow I sleep in!!

Taking out the old living room window

All the glass is out!

Now the bedroom window

Putting the new ones in

They tilt out so they’re easy to clean, no more excuses!

This is how they look in the living room

And in the bedroom

Yeay! Now I just have to get the other guy to put the blinds up, and I’ll be set! : )


18 responses to “Finally, New Windows!

  1. How can a window company run out of glass?!? That’s like Starbucks running out of coffee. Hopefully the blinds guy won’t run out of blinds.They look great, though.

  2. those are lovely!

  3. joe – I know, craziness! sizzle – thank you : )

  4. I’ll give you a call tomorrow at 6:30am to make sure your windows are ok and the blinds are indeed blocking the sun and letting your sleep.

  5. New windows sure work better than the old designs!

  6. sd – how thoughtful, what would I do without you?buffalodickdy – these are really great!

  7. están padrísimas tus ventanas! en qué piso vives?

  8. lau – gracias! Vivo en el 3. Algo buenisimo de las ventanas nuevas es que absorben el 85% del ruido, lo cual es un milagro, porque antes todo el ruido de la avenida (que no es poco) entraba por las ventanas.

  9. weekends off – thanks! : )

  10. I love the tilt out windows cuz you can clean them so easily. I know, I’m a weird clean freak.And how lovely to have so many trees to look at!

  11. s* – the view is nice, but the pollution and the noise sometimes get to be too much, which makes tilting windows and 85% noise control a great perk to have! I’m happy : )

  12. Wow, quedaron bellas!Las puedes disfrutar mucho mas ahora que es summer… que alivio con el ruido.:P

  13. Posiblemente eres la única persona en documentar la instalación de una ventana en Internet. Hahahaha.

  14. clau – si verdad, a mi me encantan!!javier – posiblemente : ) Sabes lo que pasa, que inicialmente este blog era para mantener a la gente querida (familia y amigos) informados de mis progresos newyorkinos (en mi nuevo apartamento, en mis clases, mi trabajo y de mas experiencias en NY) y poco a poco se fue convirtiendo en un diario y un recitar de mi “dating life”. Por alguna razon los conocidos fueron perdiendo interes, o por lo menos no publican sus comentarios, y las personas con las cuales interactuo por aqui son en su mayoria gente a la cual nunca he visto en persona. Raro, no? Bueno, toda esta retahila para explicar que puse estas fotos especificamente para enviarselas a mis Pelos (mis padres) para que vieran como quedo el apartamento.

  15. i love the view of all your trees! i look out onto another building, so i get pretty much zero natural light. blah. but i’d love new windows, too! did the guys wonder why you were photographing them?

  16. que bonitas quedaron amiga….

  17. pinknest – yeah, this view is nice, especially in the summer when the trees are in full bloom. You know, I was expecting some sort of question, but no, they didn’t say a word. pillo – gracias! : )

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