To Understand?

There’s a saying in Spanish “A las mujeres no hay que entenderlas, si no que hay que quererlas”, which translates to something like you don’t need to understand women, you need to love them.

I believe this to be true. We are complicated creatures with many layers, most of the time we don’t even understand ourselves, but love, now that we get, you can never go wrong with love.


12 responses to “To Understand?

  1. si solas o entre mujeres a veces no nos entendemos, como podemos pretender que los chicos nos comprendan?además, que viva el amooorss!

  2. I’m not sure if it is about men understanding women or vice-versa. I think it’s about people understanding people. When people click and actually try to understand each other, it doesn’t matter what sex/gender they are

  3. lau – que viva!not so little woman – could be, could be.

  4. I don’t always understand them, but I do try!

  5. buffalodick – don’t. You do not need to, just love us… we are lovelly!

  6. You know…there’s a scripture in the Bible talking about the roles of men and women in a marriage… Most people overlook this, but I don’t. It says something to the effect of, “A woman must respect her husband, but a man must LOVE his wife.” See the difference? It’s an interesting thought.

  7. Sure. You get that saying and we get stuck with things like “All men are pigs”*sigh*

  8. buffalodickdy – follow lau’s advice, she’s wise.stephanie – I find that interesting as well. I think love entails respect, but does respect necessarily require love?joe – as always : )

  9. no creo q sea cosa de ser complicadas, simplemente razonamos diferente a ellos, vemos la vida desde otro lado..lo hermoso es cuando nos encontramos….

  10. doggybloggy – thanks, I think so too.pillo – exacto! ay cuando nos encontramos!

  11. En definitiva el amor todo lo cura!,Las mujeres somos dificiles, pero con amor… suavecito.. todo se va resolviendo eso es lo q traduce el dicho.. jejejeje!

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