I thought I’d share

“I do know what it’s like to love somebody that doesn’t deserve it, because they’re the only one you have.” Natalie in Running with scissors.

“I want rules and guidelines, because without them all life is is a series of surprises.” Augusten in Running with scissors.

“There’s a difference between life as you dream it and, well, life as it is.” Sheba in Notes on a scandal.

“People languish for years with partners who clearly are from another planet. We want so much to believe that we’ve found our other. It takes courage to recognize the real as opposed to the convenient.” Bar in Notes on a scandal.

“Loneliness can make people incredibly desperate.” Sheba – Kate Blanchett – in Notes on a scandal.


11 responses to “I thought I’d share

  1. Alot of women stay put because there is no line of better men forming outside their door.

  2. buffalodickdy – you think men stay put for the same reason?

  3. Oy. These are serious quotes. What brought this on? Just a willingness to share good quotes or some serious relationship thinking? Did I miss something? I’ve been away from the blogosphere, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

  4. not so little woman – I saw these movies this past week and had written the quotes down. I thought they were good, so I just wanted to share. Nothing specific is going on, but I would say I’m constantly giving the subject of relationships some serious thought to see if I eventually figure it out : )

  5. Jen- To a degree, yes. The longer a commited couple is together, the fewer reasons. The divorce rate has to drop big time after the age of 55.. A young guy would fool around because he isn’t as mature and still kinda stupid. The middle aged guy would to see if he still could. An older guy looks on his wife as a friend, and someone he can count on, and by now has a substantial amount of monetary considerations. Those are broad generalizations, and individuals will always do something that makes what I said irrelevant!

  6. i thought notes on a scandal was unintentionally hilarious.

  7. Wow. A friend of mine was just telling me that I need to rent Notes on a Scandal. Now that you’ve posted this…I’m thinking it’s a sign! I’m adding it to my queue right away.I love that quote about having the courage to recognize the real instead of the convenient. That is so true! Running with Scissors was supposed to be pretty good too. I want to see that as well. Thanks for the quotes. Those would have probably stood out to me too.

  8. buffalodickdy – do you think that as we grow older we just tend to be more content and appreciative of what we have? i would like to think so, although you’re right these mere generalizations on our part.pinknest – really? hilarious? hmmmstephanie – You have to see them. Both of them are very good. The quality of the acting in Notes on a Scandal is amazing!

  9. Me gusta tu post, aunque no he visto Running with scissors; pero es que en la vida real hay mucha gente asi de loca, y de cualquer edad, pero mas sorprendente es la caracterizacion de Barbara – Judi Dench, en Notes on a Scandal, quien la soledad la hace volverse loca, posesiva y obsecionada. 😛

  10. ay yo quiero ver esa peli….pero si es verdad, la soledad te puede llevar a cosas muy tontas…

  11. clau – ambas peliculas son muy buenas, te hacen pensar en que definitivamente hay gente que esta muy, pero muy mal en el mundo. Y si, la actuacion de Judi Dench es increible!pillo – tienes que verla es buenisima!!

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