I did it!

I made my first Pavlova ever, thanks to Pinknest’s recipe. Here’s proof that it actually came out good looking. It was delicious as well, but you’ll have to take my word for it because not even the crumbs were left to share.

I invited my friend Ina and her girlfriend Joan, and my sis, her hubby, and the kids were of course here (since they’re staying with me still). It was a nice way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Here’s the yummy Pavlova:

And here’s my little helper!


11 responses to “I did it!

  1. Truly a “Kodak moment!” Dessert looked great, and your helper is one cute little kid!

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks delicious!

  3. spectacular!!! i’m so happy you made it. and your little helper is adorable!

  4. that’s awesome, i wanted to make it after reading her recipe too!

  5. yummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  6. buffalodickdy – isn’t she the cutest kid. I’m truly in love!pinknest – Thank you for the recipe!!! She is adorable indeed.bex – and you should! It’s very easy.anarella – mhmmmm! Si te visito este verano te hago una, ok?

  7. it is pinkfectious this pinkness

  8. doggybloggy – it sure is! ; )

  9. What an adorable helper! Much like her, I’d have been picking the strawberries off of the top.

  10. joe – adorable she is indeed! I’ll invite you next time we have strawberries.

  11. Wow Jen me ganastes! :DQue riiica se ve, me animas para hacer algo este verano.

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