Freedom wanted

I haven’t even mentioned Venezuela and it’s political madness lately, and there is plenty to say about that! I’m sure some of you have heard or read what’s going on in Venezuela as a result of the brilliant idea our president had of closing of one the people’s favorite TV stations.

Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) had been a Venezuelan icon, and even though I didn’t always find their programing appealing, it was geared toward the masses and tons of people watched and identified with their shows.

With the division the country has been undergoing since Chavez came into power, the opposition and the Chavistas have been at each other in person, but mostly through the media. RCTV was one the last TV stations that hadn’t sold their soul to the government, and still, quite adamantly, displayed their disapproval of the craziness our government has been putting us through in these past 8 years.
Now a student movement has started for the first time in almost 50 years, that has the country revolutionized. Students from both sides of the political arena are coming together to state their views. They want to reinstall the freedom of speech right through a pacifist movement. And their motto is peace.


One response to “Freedom wanted

  1. I’m afraid most Americans don’t keep up very well with Central and South American politics. They tend to change so rapidly, until somebody in a uniform seizes the government and sits on freedom until ousted…

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