van Gogh and expressionism

Yesterday afternoon I went with a friend to see the van Gogh and Expressionism exhibit at the Neue Galerie Museum for German and Austrian Art New York It was GREAT! I love van Gogh, I use to be quite obsessed with him and his art when I was a teenager, and still have his posters in my room at my parent’s house in Venezuela. My parents got to see the 1990 exhibit in Amsterdam, and brought me tons of posters, postcards, books, pamphlets, and the sort. The light, the color, and the texture are just incredible, and to think no one had done this before him.

There is a video presented as part of the exhibit, showing other artists that were influenced by him, which did similar paintings inspired by van Gogh’s work. In my eyes this troubled man was truly a genius, and obviously a man ahead of his time. If you are at all interested in this type of art I highly recommend this show. It will be running until the 2nd of July, so it will give you something interesting to do over the summer. The gallery is very small, so it won’t take more than hour to see it all. Also, you might find the architecture interesting. The gallery is hosted in what used to be a woman’s home (and what a home it must have been!), and the staircases are so beautiful you’ll be inspired to make some very interesting photographs out of them. It’s truly worth the visit.

After the museum, we took a walk through Central Park. I was chit-chatting with my friend through this nature marvel. The trees were a very deep green, and the haze over the park gave a mystical appearance that was almost enchanting. I truly love Central Park, it’s one of those places capable of making everything right even when it seems impossible, and yesterday it was in it’s most perfect state. I highly recommend taking a walk through the park whenever you get the chance, believe me it will be totally worth it.


14 responses to “van Gogh and expressionism

  1. A number of years back, there were news stories that would depict Central Park as quite dangerous. Have they cleaned up the bad element, or were the stories blown out of proportion?

  2. Well I don’t really know the history of the Park, maybe someone else can tell you the story. What I know is that now it’s pretty safe. Of course, you wouldn’t want to walk through it at night, just to be safe, but whenever there is light being in the park is dangerous/safe as any other part of NYC.

  3. Uyyyyyy!!!Yo creo q vi el anuncio de esa exposicion aqui en Ottawa durante el verano!!! Voy a revisar a ver si es la misma!!! Ojala!!!!!:-)

  4. Sounds like NY is as beautiful as London in the summer. Haven’t had a walk through the park this weekend, but I have spent lots of time by the river – a friends barbeque in a lovely and picturesque part of time. Long live the summer!

  5. i love the park too, i used to live by it and i miss being close! still go whenever i get the chance.the van gogh exhibit sounds great! i can’t wait to visit the van gogh museum when i go to amsterdam this summer.

  6. did you not eat at cafe sabarsky? omg, jen!!!

  7. anarella – ojala y sea la misma exposicion, de verdad que vale la pena!sarjent – it is quite enchanting, until the humidity hits, then it’s just nasty. Barbecues in the river sound wonderful. I’m sure you had a splendid time. And yes, summer rocks!bex – oh you’ll love it!! You have to promise to take pictures of the Amsterdam museum and post them. I really need to get myself there sometime soon.pinknest – I didn’t, it was packed. I know, how could I? I’ll go back, I promise.

  8. pinknest – now, now, there be another chance, not to worry.

  9. I love Central Park. The best is laying in the Sheep Meadow under a tree on a summer day.BuffaloDickDy – The park is safe now. But like any other wooded area, be it NYC or Kansas, I wouldn’t traipse around it at night.

  10. s* – I love it too. NYC wouldn’t be the same without it! And yes, Sheep Meadow is great in the summer time, if it just wasn’t so crowded!

  11. but where are those damn sheep?!

  12. pinknest – I’ve asked myself the same question!

  13. I wish if i can share my art reserch portal with you.

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