I went to B&N over the weekend to get some children’s books for a present and ended up getting some for Sophie (my niece) and for myself (couldn’t resist, books are a vice I’m trying to kick, but not always succeed at). So now I’m reading (among many other things) this book by Arianna Huffington, called Fearless, or On becoming Fearless … in love, work, and life.

So far I’ve come across this, and thought it would be nice to share.

  • Every fear has a name. Whatever it is that frightens you has frightened someone before you. Fear is universal. It touches everyone – but it clearly doesn’t stop everyone.
  • To live in fear is the worst form of insult to our true selves. By having such a low regard for who we are -for our instincts and abilities and worth- we build a cage around ourselves.
  • Since fear is such a primal reaction, making the choice to move forward despite fear is an evolved decision that transcends our animal nature.
  • If power, according to Henry Kissinger, is the ultimate aphrodisiac for women, confidence is a great aphrodisiac for men.
  • We are who we are no matter what we look like or what we achieve.

So that’s it so far… more on fear later.


6 responses to “Fear?

  1. Wow. Interesting stuff. Kinda never thought of it that way. I’m gonna have to check that out too!Thanks, Jen!

  2. I have often said the two biggest motivators they use on consumers are fear and greed. We buy insurance, alarm systems, guns, stock too much food, generators,more clothes,newer everything ’cause something might break, etc. out of fear. Greed-gotta have it, can’t be as good as everyone else unless you have it! I broke this feeling years ago, and am much more free because of it!Good Luck!

  3. Jen: nos abes que bien me vino tu post…me encantó lo de que tener miedo es un insulto a nuestro ser verdadero wow..espero aplicar esto y que se me quite mi gripa de nervios que tengo por el viaje..un abrazo y gracias!!

  4. One of my best guy friends David bought me a book called, The gift of fear. It was really good. When you finish this book you might want to read it. I on the other hand will be buying your book after work!!!

  5. stephanie – it is very interesting indeed, and a very light and quick read as well. i think you’ll like it.buffalodickdy – you are so right. We are manipulated daily into buying and thinking things that we don’t need and aren’t true. It is freeing to just be, isn’t it?pillo – que chevere que te sirvio el post! Ya veras como te va buenisimo en tu viaje!!!!ssc – I might as well get it, thanks! Hope you enjoy the read.

  6. That’s very good Jen, I have to check it out!Thank you.

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